American Idol top 20 contestant working two jobs after elimination

Cadence Baker on American Idol
Cadence Baker on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Cadence Baker came onto Ameican Idol with a lot of prestige in her family. She then proved herself on the show and made it to the top 20 before she finally went home.

Since her elimination in the top 20 round, Cadence said she has kept busy. She is working two jobs to pay the bills while still working on her music career.

What has Cadence Baker been doing since American Idol?

Cadence Baker seemed like a big-time contestant this year on American Idol.

Her father is Shane Baker, the former lead singer of the Christian rock band Cadence. He even accompanied her to her audition and played the guitar while she sang. Her grandfather was even bigger – Alabama Music Hall of Fame songwriter Gary Baker. He wrote the Grammy-winning I Swear, a huge hit for John Michael Montgomery.

However, Cadence was only 19, and she seemed unsure of herself at times and doubted herself more than once – as far as her videos showed.

Despite that, she made it to the top 20 before she went home, which was a great run on American Idol.

Since going home, though, it was back to normal for Cadence. Despite being a descendent of musical royalty, she works two jobs to make a living.

She works at a pizza restaurant called The Pie Factory in Florence, Alabama, and a clothing boutique called Nellie Mae in Sheffield. Even with her jobs, she has become a minor celebrity.

“It’s kind of weird,” Baker told “I’ll be working, and in the span of 30 minutes, someone will come up and say, “Can I take a photo with you?’”

However, it isn’t the popularity that matters to Cadence. It is her music, and she said, “I’ve got my music, and I’m good.”

She even has a new song out streaming on all major platforms called Peter Pan.

“Peter Pan is more on the country-pop side,” Baker said. “It’s about being kind of insecure about yourself in a relationship. You work on yourself, so you can be with that person. It’s ‘I want this relationship to be forever, but you might not feel the same.’ ‘I’m giving 100 percent; I need you to give the same.'”

She said she wrote it from a personal experience, and while she isn’t pointing fingers at her ex-boyfriend, she still feels it is her “little Taylor Swift moment.”

American Idol will have its three-hour season finale tonight at 8/8c on ABC.

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2 years ago

Can we talk about how this article is about a NINETEEN year old off a washed up reality tv show? Lol This title is a lot more dramatic then it needs to be.