American Idol: Who is Cadence Baker’s grandfather Gary Baker?

Cadence Baker on American Idol with her dad
Cadence Baker on American Idol with her dad. Pic credit: ABC

Cadence Baker came on American Idol and blew the judges away.

She was so good that she picked herself up a gold ticket and moved on to Hollywood.

She was also notable for bringing her father out with her to play guitar while she sang.

Her dad is Shane Baker, formerly the lead singer for the Christian modern rock band Cadence.

This earned accolades from Lionel Richie about his guitar performance, before they also praised Cadence for her vocals on the song I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston.

However, it is Cadence’s grandfather who is more popular.

Who is American Idol’s Cadence Baker’s grandfather, Gary Baker?

Cadence Baker is a third-generation star.

Her father had some success, but her grandfather is a Grammy winner and is in a music hall of fame.

Gary Baker is in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, and he was there on the video to congratulate his granddaughter when she got her golden ticket on American Idol.

Gary, 69, got his start in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with the LeBlanc Carr Band. The band had a top 10 hit called Falling.

He then moved into writing, where he worked with Mac Davis and Marie Osmond before joining the Shooters in Muscle Shoals.

He won his Grammy Award for writing the song I Swear alongside Frank J. Myers. The song was for John Michael Montgomery, who saw it hit number one on the country and was a top-five song on the rock charts as a massive crossover hit.

That wasn’t his first touch of success either.

He wrote Once Upon a Lifetime for Alabama, and that was also a number one hit. He also wrote songs for Reba McIntire and non-country musicians, including Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees.

He is also a music producer and produced the Backstreet Boys greatest hits album.

Cadence on American Idol

It is now time for Cadence to make her name in the music world.

Katy Perry was impressed, saying it took guts to perform a Whitney Houston song, before also saying, “That was amazing. It was really good. I think you got so much gas in that tank. I think you’ve got a lot of stuff.”

Lionel Richie also credited her dad’s guitar playing before saying that Cadence stepped out from that and proved herself as well before all three judges said yes and sent her to Hollywood.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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