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American Idol finalists get some surprising duet partners for finale

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with the American Idol finalists
Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with the American Idol finalists. Pic credit: @American Idol/YouTube

The American Idol Season 20 grand finale is Sunday night and the finalists will be singing more than one song that night. One of their performances will be with some surprising duet partners.

Noah Thompson, Leah Marlene, and HunterGirl are the three finalists this season.

They will get to see some old friends as past contestants who already went home will return and sing, and some big names are coming to the show as well for special performances.

As for the three finalists, they will get to sing duets with some pretty big names.

Here is what you need to know.

Leah Marlene will sing a song with Katy Perry

Leah Marlene is the only non-country music singer in the finale this season. There was a video that circulated that showed Marlene singing Katy Perry’s Firework on the internet.

That caused Katy to want to sing with the young singer.

“They asked us ‘what do you want to do?’ and I was like ‘well, you know, I did see a video of Leah Marlene singing ‘Firework’ when she was like 9 years old,’” Katy said. “I watched that video and was like ‘how powerful would that be if we sang that together on the finale.”

”Listen, I only save that song for inaugural events and Leah Marlene.”

Leah quickly said “yes.”

HunterGirl to sing with Luke Bryan

When HunterGirl got her golden ticket, Luke Bryan called her later in the day and asked if she wanted to perform live at his Nashville bar. She excitedly said yes and then got her biggest surprise.

The three Idol judges showed up at her performance and awarded her with the Platinum Ticket, one of three that allowed her to skip the first Hollywood round. She rode that all the way to the finals.

Now, HunterGirl will take the stage with Luke Bryan in the finale.

“I don’t have a single to promote or anything that’s about helping my career. You and I are going to perform ‘I Told You So’ by Randy Travis on the finale. Picked by me,” Luke revealed to HunterGirl.

Noah Thompson will sing with Melissa Etheridge

The last to learn of his duet partner was Noah Thompson.

The new dad and former construction worker was told that the judges had picked out a duet partner for him.

“Noah, our friend reached out and wanted to sing with you. Her name is Melissa Etheridge,” Katy said.

The song was not revealed.

American Idol will air its Season 20 grand finale on Sunday night, at 8/7c on ABC.

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