American Idol coaches describe the intense pressure of the show

HunterGirl and Fritz Hager on American Idol
HunterGirl and Fritz Hager on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol is down to its top 7, and the remaining singers have a pair of songs to sing this Sunday night on the show.

They will sing a song dedicated to their mother or mother figure in support of Mother’s Day, and then they will sing their version of a TikTok viral song.

By this time, the competition is hard, and some great singers have already gone home. When this episode ends, two more will leave, and they will be just as talented as the singers remaining on the show.

The three American Idol judges say that it is intense pressure and something they wouldn’t want to do personally.

American Idol judges on the show’s pressure

The judges have withstood the pressure of being massive stars in a music industry that seems to eat itself.

Luke Bryan remains a top country star through decades in an industry that isn’t always kind. Katy Perry remains a top star in a genre that always wants the new and shiny singers to take over. Lionel Richie is in his 70s and is still an icon.

Despite this, they know the pressure on American Idol is unlike anything they went through.

“What they’ve survived up to this point, Luke, Katy — we wouldn’t want to go through this,” Lionel told ABC News. “I wouldn’t want to go through this. This is like having the Bee Gees on stage, and James Brown comes on before you. I mean, give me a break!”

That is probably why these three judges are kinder than past judges when they are dealing with these young singers – something that Randy Jackson hates.

American Idol judges look at the top 7

The remaining American Idol top 7 include two country singers in Platinum Ticket holder HunterGirl and construction worker Noah Thompson.

There is the second Platinum Ticket holder Jay Copeland (the third – Kenedi Anderson – quit the competition).

Also still in the competition are self-proclaimed weird girl Leah Marlene, the inspirational Christian Guardino, big-voiced Nicolina, and frontrunner Fritz Hager.

“The beauty of Noah is the innocence of Noah. I mean, Noah is literally learning who he is in front of America, which is so endearing, so intriguing,” Luke said.

Katy Perry thinks that Nicolina and HunterGirl had their best performances ever on Disney Night. Nicolina was the first American Idol contestant to ever sing a villain’s song on Disney Night.

On Mother’s Day, the competition will be fierce, and only five will remain standing at the end.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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