Who is in the American Idol top 7 heading into Mother’s Day?

American Idol promotes the singers and their moms
American Idol promotes the singers and their moms. Pic credit: @americanidol/Instagram

This Sunday, American Idol will celebrate Mother’s Day with the top 7 singing songs about their moms or mother figures.

This will likely see the competition drop down to five remaining singers as the season starts to head to its finale.

In the top 10 round elimination, 16-year-old Emyrson Flora, country singer Mike Parker, and the soulful Lady K all went home.

Here is a look at who will be singing on Sunday night in the top 7 for the chance to move closer to the American Idol finale.

Christian Guardino

Christian Guardino, 21, came into the American Idol season with the most experience when it comes to reality television.

Christian also had a good story, as he almost went blind as a child until experimental surgery returned his eyesight.

Last Sunday, Christian sang Circle of Life from The Lion King on Disney Night, and he lived to sing another day. 

Fritz Hager

Fritz Hager has come a long way since he auditioned on American Idol.

This was his second audition, as he didn’t make it last year but didn’t let that stop him this year. When he made it to Hollywood, Fritz was honest and said he wasn’t the best singer and had almost no training.

However, fans have fallen in love with him, likening him to the next Harry Styles.

Fritz sang Go the Distance from Hercules on Disney Night, and fans voted him on to the top 7.


HunterGirl is the last female country singer on the show and one of only two country singers left on American Idol this season.

She also has a great story, as HunterGirl sings for veterans as a form of therapy, creating songs based on their stories to help them work through their various issues.

She had an uphill battle, as she earned the Platinum Ticket, which gave her an advantage early in the competition. But many fans have held the ticket against the winners since voting started.

However, HunterGirl had nothing to worry about, coasting through to this point. On Disney Night, she sang I See the Light from Tangled.

Jay Copeland

Jay Copeland is the second remaining Platinum Ticket holder, and he has dealt with a lot more backlash than HunterGirl.That is because he played it safe early in the competition, and some fans felt he didn’t deserve the head-start.

However, he has turned it up in the last two weeks and has delivered some amazing performances. He tuned it down with Remember Me from Coco on Disney Night and lived to sing another day.

Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene has gained a lot of fans and is a big fan favorite thanks to her infectious personality and her desire to be weird no matter what anyone else thinks.

However, she also branched out from her weirdness to take on a great mixture of song styles and proved she belongs.

Leah sang When She Loves Me from Toy Story 2 on Disney Night and moved on to the top 7.

Nicolina Bozzo

It seems hard to believe that Nicolina Bozzo is as young as she is because she has the biggest voice left in the competition this year.

Nicolina did something no American Idol contestant ever did before when she sang a villain’s song on Disney Night with Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid.

She now hopes to carry on from that great performance on Mother’s Day for a chance to move on.

Noah Thompson

The last of the top 7 is the underdog, the construction worker whose friend signed him up for American Idol.

He is the last male country singer left and sang You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story on Disney Night.

He will now get a chance to sing on Mother’s Day, which should be special since he has a new baby and could dedicate this to his mom, and the mother of his child.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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