Emyrson Flora reacts to her Disney Night elimination on American Idol

Emyrson Flora on American Idol
Emyrson Flora on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

16-year-old Emyrson Flora was the youngest singer remaining in the top 10 heading into Disney Night on American Idol.

Emyrson worked hard to improve through the season, but it wasn’t enough.

Fans voted, and the bottom three went home, with one of those singers being Emyrson.

Emyrson reacts to American Idol elimination

Emyrson came into Disney Night after she enjoyed a trip to Disneyland with her family.

However, when Disney Night ended, her American Idol journey also came to an end.

Emyrson finished her American Idol journey by singing Carried Me With You from the Pixar movie Onward. Not surprisingly, as the youngest in the competition, the movie she chose her song from was the newest movie of any selected this season.

Sadly, when it ended, Emyrson went home along with Lady K and country singer Mike Parker.

After her elimination, Emyrson took to Instagram to thank her fans for voting for her. She also admitted how hard it was to express what this experience meant to her.

Emyrson wrote along with a picture of her behind the piano, “It’s super hard for me to express how much this experience has meant to me.”

She continued, “I’ve met my family. I’ve learned so much every single day. from start to finish. To the friends i’ve made, every step of the way, thank you for everything. I’ve never felt so much love in an environment before. you are all such amazing, talented, beautiful souls and i thank god everyday that i’ve gotten the opportunity to meet and get to know you all individually.”

She then thanked all three judges for being uplifting and offering great support. Then she moved on to the fans, many of whom helped her reach the top 10.

She finished, “I love this so much. and im so lucky i’ve gotten the chance to do it. turns out i’m the youngest person to ever make it into top ten so that’s cool!!”

Emyrson’s American Idol journey

Emyrson impressed the judges at her audition, especially when they learned how young she was and how great her voice sounded.

She then made it past Hollywood Week thanks to her performance of Honey by Kehlani.

When she went to Hawaii for the top 24, she sang Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus and made it to the top 20, where she sang Tell Me You Love Me. Thanks to fan voting, she moved on in the competition.

She then sang Love in the Dark by Adele and kept going strong with her rendition of drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo.

She moved on, once again thanks to the fans, and sang lovely by Billie Eilish in the Judges Song Contest. That gave her a trip to Disneyland and one last song before finally going home.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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