Alyssa Snider gives Big Brother 24 exit interviews, blames Joseph for her not liking Taylor

Alyssa BB24 With Julie
Alyssa Snider was a member of the Big Brother 24 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 exit interviews for Alyssa Snider have been coming out following her eviction from the house.

This summer, Alyssa finished in fifth place as a member of the BB24 cast, but we will all see her again on finale night.

Some of the answers that Alyssa has been giving to questions asked of her have been a bit suspect, including her claim that Joseph Abdin fed her a false narrative about Taylor Hale that led to Alyssa not liking Taylor.

Of course, Alyssa also addressed her Big Brother 24 showmance with Kyle Capener, as well as how she views Brittany Hoopes now that she has spent more time with her in the house.

One very noteworthy statement that Alyssa made is that she hopes it will be Brittany and Taylor who make it to the final two, as she wants to see the women beat out Monte Taylor and Matt Turner this summer.

There is also still some bitterness for Alyssa about how Turner refused to save her on eviction night.

Alyssa Snider calls Kyle Capener’s actions ‘extremely hurtful’

“It was extremely difficult to find out that Kyle was working with the complete other side of the house the entire game. I had no idea about the Leftovers,” Alyssa told Parade about her reaction to Kyle revealing The Leftovers to her.

“A lot of people in the Leftovers were some of my closest allies. So finding out that he was lying to me over and over again and was okay with me leaving the house and all of these other details was extremely hurtful,” Alyssa elaborated.

“With Taylor there is a fake narrative that was painted to us by Joseph that I shouldn’t like her and she shouldn’t like me,” Alyssa stated when she talked about how she treated Taylor earlier in the season.

“So I wish that we had a better connection from the beginning. But coming to the end of the game, I think she’s amazing, and those connections really grew stronger,” Alyssa went on to add.

Alyssa’s extended interview with Julie Chen Moonves

Below is the extended interview that Alyssa Snider had with Julie Chen Moonves after she was evicted from the Big Brother house. She goes into more detail about how she played the game this summer and her relationships with the other members of the BB24 cast.

Alyssa also talked a lot about Kyle and was asked by Julie where her relationship stands with him. They will be reunited in the BB24 jury house, where they will await finale night to help vote on the Big Brother 24 winner.

After Alyssa left, the game has gone on. Here is a breakdown of the BB24 live feeds over the past 48 hours, and where the game is heading during its final week.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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