Alex Radcliffe talks Below Deck Med Season 5 tension with Peter Hunziker that was edited out of show

Below Deck Med: Alex Radcliffe dishes his storyline that would have aired if Pete Hunziker wasn’t edited out
It turns out Alex and Pete didn’t have a bromance during Below Deck Med Season 5 filming. Pic credit: Bravo

Alex Radcliffe is talking about Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 tension with Peter Hunziker that was edited out of the show after Bravo fired Pete.

It’s no secret that Bravo cut ties with Pete after he shared a racist social media post. The network fired Pete two weeks into Season 5 hitting the airwaves.

Pete was slowly edited out of the show. By the end of the season, Pete was never shown unless a group shot couldn’t be altered.

All storylines focusing on Pete were changed, but it was easy to see his behavior was intended to be a pivotal storyline. Alex recently revealed how different his story might have been if Pete had not been edited out of Season 5.

Alex Radcliffe talks tensions with Peter Hunziker on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5

Although Pete and Alex often appear on each other’s social media accounts, the two guys had some serious blowups amid the filming of the Bravo show.

Alex dished the Pete drama when he cohosted the Instagram series, Pita Party, founded by Daisy Kelliher, Dani Soares, and Alli Dore. The Boston native was filling in for single mama Dani.

“When he lost lead deckhand, obviously I was friends with everyone on the boat. Everyone was kind of s**t on Pete because Pete would always f**k up. All these things were happening. But I was always getting praised. I was always doing the right thing,” Alex explained. “I could tell there was a little tension between Pete towards me. Because bosun Malia White liked me a lot and everyone liked me. I didn’t have drama.”

Since Pete was edited out, viewers never saw the tension between Alex and Pete. However, the Altered Reality podcast host promised they went to blows.

“Me and Pete had a few like blowouts. Like we were f*****g in each other’s face,” Alex shared.

Alex Radcliffe wonders what would have happened if Peter Hunziker wasn’t fired

Fans will always wonder how Season 5 would have been different if Pete hadn’t been edited out of the show. Alex thinks he may not have been portrayed that way had Pete not gotten fired.

“Honestly, if he wasn’t edited out, I really don’t know if I would have come across the same as I did,” Alex spilled. “He was my roommate. The way I describe Pete is we all have this friend who has the biggest heart. Is super nice. But every time they talk, you bring them out, you’re like, ‘Please don’t talk.’ But he’ll do anything for you.”

Alex also wonders if his story would have focused more on him and Pete pitted against each other, especially when Alex became lead deckhand. All of Alex’s story instead focused on his crush on Bugsy once Pete was cut from the footage.

Peter Hunziker had problems with a lot of crew members during his Below Deck Med stint, including Alex Radcliffe. Sadly, viewers will never see it because of Pete getting fired by Bravo and edited out of Season 5.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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