Alex Radcliffe on Below Deck Med: Who is deckhand smitten with Bugsy Drake?

Who is Below Deck Mediterranean deckhand Alex Radcliffe?
Fans are rooting for a boatmance between Alex and Bugsy? Pic credit: Bravo

Alex Radcliffe on Below Deck Mediterranean is the deckhand smitten with Christine Bugsy Drake, and fans want to know more about him.

The brewing boatmance between Bugsy and Alex is giving viewers all the feels. Fans have watched as Peter Huzinker fawned all over Lara Flumiani, plus Jessica More and Robert Westergaard continue to get romantic despite his questionable relationship status.

Based on the most recent episode, there may be a couple on Below Deck Med Season 5 that fans can actually root for, Alex and Bugsy. Sparks were flying between the two, even before Alex and Bugsy got intoxicated.

Who is Alex Radcliffe?

The Massachusetts native owes his yachting career to a close friend who introduced Alex to the industry. He immediately fell in love with traveling to various gorgeous locations, and the adventurous lifestyle yachting has to offer.

It is easy to see how much he loves yachtie life by looking at his Instagram feed. Alex is living his best life that is for sure.

According to his Bravo bio, Alex used to have a fake until you make it attitude until he realized that hard work, listening, and learning gets a person a lot farther in life. The deckhand spent time honing his skills and working his way up the yachtie ladder.

Alex works each charter with pride. It is his dream to become a captain one day. This season on the hit Bravo show, he is bringing his flirtatious ways, New England charm, humor, and stubborn ways. Although he is confident in everything he does, Alex respects the hierarchy and is always open to learning.

Alex dishes Bugsy

There is no question Alex is a flirt. It was apparent the second he set his eyes on Bugsy. Alex is a charmer, not cocky or sleazy like Pete.

Alex appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to talk about all things Below Deck Mediterranean. Andy wasted no time asking about Alex’s brewing boatmance with the new second stew.

The deckhand admitted Bugsy’s bright eyes are what attracted him to her at first. He also finds her South African accent sexy, and her hair clips hot. Oh, and yes, Alex really is a teeth guy, revealing Bugsy has a great set of them.

Andy couldn’t help but ask Alex if Bugsy had a better work ethic than chief stew Hannah Ferrier. Alex praised his crushes work ethic, revealing he feels Bugsy relates to charter guests better than Hannah.

As for what is ahead for deckhand Alex Radcliffe and second stew Bugsy Drake, fans will have to keep watching Below Deck Med.

Viewers love the new boatmance but need to be prepared; the drama is just getting started on the hit Bravo show. After all, Bugsy did call the season the craziest in the history of the Below Deck franchise.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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