Adam and Jenna’s ‘excessive PDA’ is even making Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers uncomfortable

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are not thrilled with Adam and Jenna PDA
Viewers are over watching Jenna and Adam on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Pic credit: Bravo

Adam Glick and Jenna Jenna MacGillivray’s excessive PDA is making Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers uncomfortable. Their flirting, as well as kissing, is becoming too much for people on and off-screen.

The newest installment in the Bravo franchise is quickly becoming the Jenna and Adam show. Fans are not too thrilled with the spin-off, especially after the latest episode featured Madison Stalker being harassed by a guest.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is having a hard time garnering the fandom of Below Deck and Below Deck Med. Viewers are not overly fond of the cast, with Jenna getting a lot of flak from fans.

Adam and Jenna’s PDA makes viewers uncomfortable

It was only last week that Adam was claiming he needed to tread lightly when it came to his attraction to the chief stew. He already had one romantic encounter go bad during his time on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Ever since they took their relationship from flirting to French kissing, their PDA has become over the top. Jenna spends most of her time looking for the chance to hug and kiss her man.

Social media has expressed their opinion of Adam and Jenna. One of the main storylines on the show is their obsession with each other. Viewers are not into watching those two on-screen at all, much less make out.

“Honestly I really do like below deck sailing yacht but Adam and Jenna are so obnoxious it’s hard,” one Twitter user shared.

Another user shared the couple was “cringeworthy,” while a different fan tweeted they were the worst reality TV showmance.

Crew members are over Adam and Jenna

Madison and third stew Georgia Grobler both observed the excessive PDA between Adam and Jenna. The two ladies suffered through not only them kissing in the galley but also their need to snuggle.

Adam is taking the relationship slow by not having sex with Jenna. He, however, has no problem smooching all over her with people watching. As a viewer, it is hard to watch, imagine what it was like for the other crew members.

There is no question fans would prefer less of the PDA between Adam and Jenna. The storyline is not keeping the interest of viewers. Bravo, so far, has done nothing to appease fans’ discontent for the couple.

Based on a preview clip for next week’s episode, there is trouble in paradise. Jenna and Adam’s romance drama could be good or bad for viewers. Maybe the relationship will go south, forcing the show to focus on another story.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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