90 Day Fiance: When Jenny rejoins Sumit in India, she is surprised by a large crowd and a cow

Jenny And Cow
Jenny Slatten has to deal with a cow inside her new house. Pic credit: TLC

Jenny Slatten joins Sumit Singh on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way again this season, and TLC has released an interesting clip of an upcoming segment that showcases the relationship.

Jenny and Sumit have had a number of problems in their relationship, with the most prominent one being that Sumit likes to keep a lot of secrets. His honesty is frequently in question.

In the past, Sumit has lied about his name, he has sent Jenny fake pictures of himself, and he even got married while he was carrying out his online relationship with Jenny. And he somehow kept his wife a secret, even as Jenny moved to India the first time.

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Jenny’s friends have noted that they feel that Sumit is still lying to her.

Now, Jenny seems to have forgiven Sumit for most of his transgressions as she prepares to move back to India on a permanent basis. And in a new clip, the couple is shown carrying out a ceremony to bless their new home.

Jenny, Sumit, and the cow on 90 Day Fiance

“It is a tradition in India, having a, like, house warming ceremony,” Sumit says as the new clip begins.

Sumit continues by saying, “We just want our house to be blessed, to be pure, and like, all the negativities go out and the positivities stay in, so our life will go good in the future.”

As he is speaking, scenes of Jenny and Sumit taking part in the ceremony are shown on screen. There is a cow shown in the background that will soon become a much larger part of the scene.

Jenny seems out of her element as a priest places a flower pot on her head that she has to hold in place as they begin walking through the house.

This was also her first time seeing the house, so Jenny was in for a bit of a shock when she saw what she describes as “a big mess” of a home. She then speaks about how they do not really have the extra money to fix it up.

It was then time for the cow to come in. Take a look at the video below to see how that all plays out and how Jenny reacts to a cow in her new home. It’s a bit amusing.

Is Jenny living in India for good?

Jenny has stated that she wants a ring from Sumit and she even went out with her daughter to buy him a ring as well. It shows that she is committed to moving to India for the rest of her life, but there can’t be any more secrets if this is a couple that will live happily ever after in the end.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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meghan mayor
meghan mayor
3 years ago

LOL I guess Jenny doesn’t know that cows are sacred in India; people don’t “own” them or eat them, unless things have changed completely in the 20 years since I’ve been there. The just wander loose in the streets. I love cows; their cow is lovely if you see it from a non-Western perspective. I’d let one come inside my home as long as it was house-trained.