90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman say they will be taking time away from social media

Tom Brooks and his girlfriend, Mariah.
Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman both took to social media to announce that they would be taking a step back from the sharing platforms. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Tom Brooks and his girlfriend Mariah Fineman will be taking a break from social media for a while.

They both announced via their respective Instagram stories that they are going to be taking time off from the platform and other forms of social media.

This decision comes as a few questionable messages and posts have come from their social media and been blasted by 90 Day Fiance fan pages and in online articles.

Tom Brooks and Mariah Fine both posted about taking a step back from social media

Tom and Mariah’s announcement that they would be taking time off from social sharing platforms comes as some controversial and problematic things they have posted or messaged have caused bad publicity for them.

In Mariah’s Instagram post she wrote, “Tom and I decided to take time off social media for the next few months. Thank you for supporting us on our beautiful journey.. we love you guys… and yes we are still together.”

Mariah has since posted the same story again but without the Chanel flex in the photo, but then went on to delete the remark completely.

Tom’s post is still present on his Instagram story and reads, “Time for a break – Not going to be using social media for the next few months … follow my travels @tombrooksthetravelguy – few promos here but that’s it for a while.”

Tom and Mariah's IG story
Both Tom and Mariah posted Instagram stories about stepping back from the platform. Pic credit: @ladym_tv/tombrooks_tv/Instagram

Are Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman going to last?

The fact they both realize they need to spend time away from social media is a mature decision that could mean that it was negatively affecting their relationship. So removing themselves might be a healthy choice for the couple.

They may also need to spend time healing from rumors that were leaked on social media. Evidence came out that Tom was talking to another woman and asking her out during the time he claims his relationship with Mariah started back in March of 2020.

Tom and Mariah probably won’t be gone for too long from social media because they are both known to frequently post stories and pictures. So their fans and critics will more than likely be able to tell if the couple is together or broken up.

New episodes of 90 Day Diaries are on Discovery+ every Sunday.

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Come on Tom…are you desperate? Platypus lips? Ugh