90 Day Fiance superfan Jerry O’Connell reveals the most shocking Season 8 moments so far

90 Day Fiance superfan Jerry O'Connell.
90 Day Fiance superfan Jerry O’Connell dishes on Season 8. Pic credit: Bravo

Actor Jerry O’Connell is a huge fan of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. And apparently, it’s a family affair since his wife, actress Rebecca Romijn, is also a huge fan of the show and its spin-offs.

Jerry recently sat down with 90 Day Fiance: The Podcast to dish on all things 90 Day Fiance related, including what’s happened so far on Season 8.

Jerry reveals why he loves 90 Day Fiance

During his chat with the podcast, Jerry started by divulging that he loves the show.

“My wife and I love 90 Day Fiance. It’s got a little bit of everything. It’s got love, you really hope for true love to, to happen. But, but we’re huge fans. It’s our, it’s our favorite show,” he said.

When Jerry is asked why he loves the franchise, he explains that it was actually Rebecca who got him into it.

“We’re always looking for new, unscripted television. You know, we – my wife just said, ‘You gotta watch the show.’ We actually came in a little late. Chantel [Everett] and Pedro [Jimeno] were our – that’s when we started watching live,” he dished.

Jerry also revealed which 90 Day Fiance couple he roots for the most, which happens to be Elizabeth Pothast and Andrei Castravet.

Jerry dishes on Season 8 shocking moments

First up on Jerry’s list of shocking Season 8 moments is the momma’s boys of the franchise, including Colt Johnson, Brandon Gibbs, and Andrew Kenton’s relationship with their parents.

“I wanna say something to Brandon, to [Colt], to Andrew, okay? You are now in this 90-day situation. You cannot be going to your mommies anymore, guys. No more. Listen, and I know it’s weird for Brandon who might not have the funds to move out of that house. Figure it out,” he said.

Jerry says it’s time for them to step up and make their relationships a priority.

In other opinions, Jerry says that he feels for the Season 8 partners who move to America, including Natalie Mordovtseva. He explained that while he tries to remain optimistic for the 90 Day Fiance couples, he finds himself feeling relatively pessimistic about her relationship with Mike Youngquist.

Jerry also revealed his thoughts on Jovi Dufren and his fiancee Yara Zaya. He says that when Jovi’s buddy’s wife, Sara, took Yara to the nail salon and told her about Jovi’s past with other women, including their bedroom preferences, it was “out of line.”

However, in contrast, Jerry said he doesn’t appreciate Yara complaining about living in New Orleans.

When it comes to Tarik and Hazel, Jerry said he’s really pulling for them as a couple. He also said that he thinks Tarik should meet Hazel “halfway” and just get married in a church.

Jerry wrapped up the conversation by revealing which of the couples he believes show the most red flags.

“Natalie and Mike. I just don’t think it’s gonna work out,” he shared.

He then went on to say that he’s disappointed in how Andrew handled Amira Lollysa’s deportation from Mexico.

“Amira and Andrew we really didn’t touch on,” he began. “[I’m] a little upset with Andrew for not immediately flying to Mexico City and standing outside the French embassy or the detention center. I mean the fact that he went to the hotel in Puerto Vallarta and just keeps calling his mommy and sister…no, Andrew. No.”

“I think Andrew’s gotta step up a little more and get her out of there. Like, this is a – this is his time to show how dedicated he is as a partner,” Jerry concluded.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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