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90 Day Fiance spoilers: Are Julia and Brandon still together?

Julia and Brandon film for 90 Day Fiance.
Are Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina still together? Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans wonder if Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs are still together after the coronavirus pandemic interfered with their wedding plans during Sunday’s episode.

Julia and Brandon have had their fair share of ups and downs. Brandon has been struggling with toeing the line of pleasing Julia and his family while Julia had to adjust from city life to taking care of livestock at Brandon’s family’s farm.

Most recently, the coronavirus pandemic left them wondering whether they’d even be able to get married or not. Julia even felt Brandon didn’t care whether they got married based on how he responded to the situation.

Regardless, there is strong reason to believe that despite these setbacks, Julia and Brandon were able to get married and remain in the United States together.

Proof that Julia and Brandon are still together

Julia and Brandon are likely still together, and possibly married, after a picture of them together on New Years Eve surfaced on Reddit.

A family friend had reportedly posted the picture on Facebook and tagged both Julia and Brandon.

In the picture, Brandon holds Julia as they pose with two family friends. A filter on the photo reads, “2021 Happy New Year.”

For Julia to remain in the United States under the K-1 visa, she and Brandon had to have gotten married within the 90 days allotted to them.

Considering that the show was filming back in Spring 2020, New Years Eve is definitely out of the bounds of those 90 days.

This lead fans to deduce that they are still together and potentially happily wed.

Julia almost went back to Russia before the 90 days were up

Viewers will remember that Julia almost left Brandon to return back home to Russia.

Julia experienced quite the culture shock when she moved onto Hummingbird Acres Farm.

Brandon’s parents expected Julia to wake up at 5 a.m. to help out with chores on the farm. Additionally, Brandon’s parents didn’t allow Brandon and Julia to sleep in the same room.

While Julia wanted him to stand up to his parents more, he wasn’t able to do that for her.

Julia eventually reached a breaking point.

“I don’t want live here. I don’t want take care animals,” she told him.

She then gave him an ultimatum. She told him she wanted to leave the farm or she’d move back to Russia.

“I want leave now Brandon. Not tomorrow. Not after tomorrow. Now,” she yelled. “If we not go Brandon, I go Russia! You understand this? I not stay here and you don’t care about this.”

Brandon agreed to leave the farm but when he brought it up to his mom, Betty Gibbs, she was distraught.

She eventually offered a counteroffer allowing Julia and Brandon to sleep in the same room and easing up on Julia’s chores.

Julia was pleased with the result and stayed in America, and according to their social media activity, is still there today.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 9/8c on TLC.

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  1. I wish I could have had the power to jump thru the television screen this entire season and grab Julia drag her into a locked room somewhere and make her watch all the very, very negative things Brandon says behind her back. Why marry her if you are not really into it?? Surely you can find some back woods girl to drag home who is not right off the boat from Russia and who did not make her living scantilly clad on the pole!

    Julia seems very sweet. She is in need of an English speaking class and she needs to get away from that family. They have totally beaten down her confidence and self worth. Brandon needs to date an American girl who is not going to take his crap. Julia has to do whatever that family tells her to do because she relies on them for literally EVERYTHING: FOOD, SHELTER, ETC… if she marries him, pray they put off having children for awhile or she will be doubling her prison term.


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