90 Day Fiance recap: Time is almost up as the couples are still not sure about marriage

Amira, Rebecca, and Stephanie from 90 Day Fiance
The couples had a very rocky week, leaving many unknowns. Pic credit: TLC

Time is almost up on the couples’ visas and most of the couples are experiencing hesitations and creating more turmoil in their relationships.

Some major decisions were finally made this week as some cast members made shocking revelations. More clarity was gained by the couples in this weeks episode, and there were some intense moments of joy, hurt, uneasiness, and relief.

There were more hurt feelings as the wedding dates approached amid the coronavirus pandemic. With only a few episodes left, viewers can hopefully find some resolve from the siutations of this week and brace themselves for the fallout.

Most couples are on a rollercoaster

Stephanie and Harris grew much closer this week, especially after Harris confessed his love.

Stephanie did not say it back and wanted to have a talk with Harris and her psychic to get more advice on the relationship.

Harris and Stephanie from 90 Day Fiance
Harris let Stephanie know that he loves her and wants to move forward with their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

Jovi made Yara really upset when he stayed out past his given curfew during his bachelor party and Yara stayed mad at him. At the airport before flying to Las Vegas for their wedding, Yara expressed that she wanted to go back to Ukraine.

Hazel was even more upset at Tarik this week over trust issues, and viewers found out about another Filipina girl Tarik communicates with when the pair had lunch with Tarik’s friend Angela.

Tarik realized the error in his actions and wanted to prove his love and devotion to Hazel. He proposed again and owned up to his faults by promising he would not talk to any other women.

Tarik and Hazel from 90 Day Fiance
Hazel was still cross with Tarik this episode as Tarik messed up again. Pic credit: TLC

Rebecca was still upset with Zied and not in favor of getting married before Ramadan. After the pair spoke about solutions and their personal positions on the matter, Rebecca compromised to have the wedding before Ramadan.

90 Day FIance viewers learned that Rebecca lost her precious engagement ring from Zied and she was upset by Zied’s lack of interest in its loss. She visited her daughter and the two questioned whether the loss of the ring was a sign and if she was making a mistake.

The biggest surprises on this episode of 90 Day Fiance

Amira was quarantining in Serbia during this episode, and she expressed her vulnerability and anxiety about the situation. She said that Andrew was barely talking to her, only adding to her frustrations.

The pair had a talk about Andrew’s desire to have children soon, and Amira revealed that Andrew needs to change his behavior if she ever wants kids with him. The day of Amira’s flight to America, fans found out that Amira did not get on the flight.

Mike and Natalie were very happy to be getting married and both seemed to have higher confidence in the success of their relationship the day before the wedding.

This was all crushed, however, when viewers witnessed Natalie hysterically telling their wedding minister that Mike changed his mind the day of the wedding and that they were breaking up.

Natalie from 90 Day Fiance
Mike and Natalie broke up on this episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Pic credit: TLC

What happens next?

Since Natalie is no longer getting married, viewers will follow Natalie through the blowback of Mike’s revelation that he does not want to be with her.

Jovi and Yara and Rebecca and Zied will have a lot of making up to do before their imminent weddings.

Viewers will find out why Amira decided not to get on the plane and what that means for the future of her relationship with Andrew.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.