90 Day Fiancé fans weigh in on the cringey moments from this week

Amira, Stephanie, Harris, and Rebecca from Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance
Viewer this week honed in on some cringey moments from the couples. Pic credit: TLC

Each week there has been a lot of drama building up for all the couples, and viewers have been getting pretty vocal about some of the standout cringey moments.

There has been everything from lovers’ quarrels to deep-seated emotional issues faced by the cast members.

By now, lovers of the show have gotten to know the background and opinions of the Americans and their partners, so when something irksome happens, fans have a lot to say about it.

Most notably, memes get created and circulated, and this week had no shortage of hilarious content about some of the most cringe-worthy moments.

Viewers are frustrated by some of the cast

Supporters of Amira have had it with Andrew after she explained that she wants him to tell her that he cares more about her wellbeing and safety so that she doesn’t have to go to Serbia to take part in his plan to get her to America.

With that said, viewers detest how Andrew calls her “baby”, and how often he does it.

There is a lot to sift through when it comes to analyzing Stephanie’s behavior. Her latest faux pas was acting like Ryan and Harris are interchangeable when she insinuated that she would like to try and get the visa for Harris after she and Ryan didn’t work out.

Perhaps the most cringey moment of the week was when Stephanie began to call Harris “Ryan” for a second time and barely corrected herself.

There have also been a lot of fans who noticed her seemingly intoxicated behavior and loopy facial expressions, leading fans to make memes about this characteristic as well.

Some SMH moments

90 Day fans love Zied all over the internet and quickly come to defense when Rebecca acts up.

This week Rebecca was not understanding Zied’s religious reasoning for needing to get married before Ramadan. He was also saying that he prefers to just get married at the courthouse, especially with the Coronavirus.

Fans wanted to remind Rebecca that she has already been married three times and she should be concerned with more important things.

As Natalie and Mike are nearing the last bit of time left on the visa, they tried to put their toxicity aside for a while and enjoy each other’s company and love – but it didn’t last long.

The 90 Day audience did not forget when Natalie made beloved Uncle Beau move out of Mike’s house so she could feel more comfortable. They honed in on this when they threw shade on her happy appearance at Beau’s birthday party, suggesting that she was just acting happy for show.

90 Day observers also got at Mike for his gaslighting behavior during the scene when he gave Natalie the ring back, calling him toxic.

As things get down to the wire for the couples, the drama certainly is not over, and the status of some relationships are questionable at this point.

90 Day Fiance viewers were exposed to a lot of cringey moments this week and reacted to them on Twitter and Instagram with memes and comments.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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