90 Day Fiance: People don’t believe Jibri sold his ripped jeans for $28,000, viewers think it’s staged

Jibri Bell
90 Day Fiance viewers are questioning the validity of Jibri Bell’s $28,000 sale of his ripped pants. Pic credit: TLC

New 90 Day Fiance cast member Jibri Bell recently flexed the $28,000 earnings he made from the sale of his ripped pants from the second episode of the season, but viewers think the spectacle was staged.

Jibri featured the person who allegedly bought the ripped pants in a post where Jibri and Miona showed off the large stack of cash from the sale.

The inflated scene presented by Jibri and Miona led many viewers to become skeptical of the ordeal and question whether the whole situation was just a publicity stunt.

90 Day Fiance viewers think the $28,000 sale of Jibri Bell’s pants was staged

A popular 90 Day Fiance fan page reshared part of Jibri’s post showing off the cash he made by selling his ripped pants to a fan.

In the video, Jibri stood next to the buyer as he held up the framed ripped pants. Miona paraded around the stack of 100s in front of the camera during and after Jibri’s interaction with the buyer.

The caption of Jibri’s video said, “We sold the Ripped Pants from 90 Day Fiance for $28,000!”

The comments section of the fan account’s post was filled with wary 90 Day viewers who questioned the validity of the sale.

One critic commented, “Anyone that is naturally gifted doesn’t have to try so hard just saying.”

Another made their point, “This looks so staged to me.”

Someone else with a top response said, “….cough-cough, bull (poop emoji), cough-cough… (not buying this story and NO ONE is buying these torn drawers).”

There was a different critic who targeted Miona by saying, “She’s all about that $$$$$.”

Yet another jabbed, “Who are they? Seriously I have no idea who they are. Who would buy ripped jeans from unknown ‘celebrities’ for such an amount,”

Instagram comments about Jibri Bell
Pic credit: @90dayfiancenow/Instagram

Jibri and Miona Bell have been labeled as clout chasers by 90 Day Fiance viewers

Jibri and Miona’s excessive social media presence, coupled with the little amount of air time they have gotten, has led 90 Day Fiance viewers to label them as clout chasers.

Jibri and Miona each have their own Instagram account, a joint Instagram, TikTok, and Cameo account, and both are known to post on social media at least ten times a day each, not including Instagram Lives.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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