90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist’s rumored ex-wife revealed

90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist
90 Day Fiance star Mike Youngquist has been married once before meeting Natalie Mordovtseva. Pic credit: @bigmike90dayfiance/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Mike Youngquist has been rather secretive when it comes to his previous marriage. Natalie Mordovtseva’s fiance rarely talks about his ex-wife and tries his best to keep her out of the spotlight. But new details about Mike’s former spouse emerged recently, which intrigued many of his fans.

Meanwhile, some fans have turned against Big Mike after calling off their wedding at the last minute. Most viewers felt bad for Natalie, especially when she emotionally packed her things, unsure if she’ll be able to get back to Ukraine.

90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist shattered Natalie Mordovtseva’s heart after calling off wedding

Mike Youngquist got cold feet and called off his wedding to Natalie Mordovtseva. The 90 Day Fiance star said he could not marry his Ukrainian fiancee just when she showed effort in working on their relationship.

Natalie is heartbroken as her dream of getting married gets shattered just a few days before the ceremony. On this week’s episode, she immediately packs her things, determined to leave Sequim as soon as possible.

But the 90 Day Fiance star gets even more worried as Ukrainian borders are closed. Natalie plans to take a detour in Europe and figure things out from there.

Fans are now anticipating to see what’s next for the couple. Are they really over? Or is it just another bump in their relationship?

Mike’s ex-wife revealed

Ever since Mike Youngquist canceled his wedding to Natalie Mordovtseva, he instantly became the most villainous fiance on the show. Many 90 Day Fiance fans were triggered by his actions, prompting some to dig into his past.

Fans managed to gather information about Mike’s ex-wife, Kristen Danielle. Previously, the TLC star revealed that his first marriage was “short” and that his ex-wife left him for another woman. They were supposedly married in 2015 and got divorced in 2016.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a photo of Mike with Kristen, looking quite happy back in the day. Not much has been revealed about their marriage but it seems to be quite a rollercoaster ride.

90 Day Fiance: Who is Mike’s ex-wife?

Many are now wondering who exactly is Mike Youngquist’s former spouse, Kristen. A quick look at her social media pages revealed she’s based in California, running an event and catering company.

She also has her own YouTube channel where she does different tutorials, including DIY, home décor, upcycling, and food. There were claims that Kristen and Mike had been together since 2012, but that remains unconfirmed. Kristen is currently with a woman and has a 5-year-old son.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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