90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik is taking time off social media as her family recovers from COVID-19

Loren Brovarnik of 90 Day Fiance
Loren Brovarnik is taking a social media hiatus as she and her family recover from COVID-19. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik is taking a hiatus from social media as her family continues to recover from COVID-19.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik captured viewers’ hearts when they appeared in Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance.

Married in 2015, the fan-favorite couple has since welcomed two sons, Shai, 1, and Asher, 4 months.

On Instagram, Loren often updates her fans on everything going on in her life.

Recently, Loren got “back at it” in the gym after giving birth to her and Alexei’s second son, Asher, in August.

90 Day Fiance star Alexei Brovarnik tested positive for COVID-19

Unfortunately, however, Loren had to put her fitness goals on the back burner when she revealed that Alexei had contracted COVID-19, as previously reported by Monsters & Critics.

Loren shared an unfiltered pic to her Instagram Stories, giving her fans an authentic glance inside life while taking care of two kids under the age of 2 while breastfeeding, and trying to take care of Alexei from a distance.

Now, less than a week after telling her fans that she and the boys were quarantined from Alexei, Loren has revealed that she, Shai, and Asher have also contracted the virus, like so many others amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Loren Brovarnik taking social media break after she, sons contract COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 affecting her entire family, Loren decided to take a break from Instagram to spend time with her family and recharge.

“THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to us!” Loren wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

“It’s been quite the few weeks. We are all going through Covid,” Loren revealed. “I’m going to take some time off of social media to be with the family, clear my head, etc.”

“Happy holiday’s,” Loren added. “I appreciate each of you and love you. ? Love, Loren.”

Along with her explanation, Loren included a pic of the sky, showing off the beautiful pink and blue hues, which resembled cotton candy.

Loren received support from her followers, including one of her 90 Day Fiance franchise castmates, Tania Maduro.

tania maduro showed support to loren on instagram
Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

By the time Loren, Alexei, Shai, and Asher recover from the virus, their new spinoff show, Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days will be ready to premiere.

Debuting on Jan. 10, the 90 Day Fiance spinoff will showcase details of Loren’s second pregnancy with their son Asher, and how Loren and Alexei handle transitioning from a family of three to a family of four.

We’re sending plenty of well wishes to the Brovarnik family and wishing them a full and speedy recovery!

Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days premieres on Monday, Jan. 10 at 9:30 pm ET on TLC.

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Joan Hongo
Joan Hongo
1 year ago

Sorry to read this. Get well Soon, Alexi.