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90 Day Fiance Loren and Alexei Brovarnik’s house is a disaster

Loren and Alexei at their wedding
Loren and Alexei at their wedding from 90 Day Fiance. Pic Credit: TLC

While the rest of America is cooped up and fighting boredom by going on a cleaning spree, Loren and Alex Brovarnik are taking a different route.

The couple is renovating their house in preparation for the arrival of their first baby, a boy, due in seven weeks. The renovation, however, may not be going well.

Alex shared a video of the mess

Last week, Alex took to Instagram to share a video of the Brovarnik house, which is still a work in progress, to say the least.

The medium-sized home looked tiny, with boxes stacked floor-to-ceiling in every room. There were cases of diapers, bottles of alcohol, construction equipment, and various other items scattered throughout the apartment.

Alex used #reno, indicating that he’s doing some work on the house, probably in preparation for his son’s arrival.

Some fans chalked up the mess to the “nesting stage,” a quirk of pregnancy that often comes up near the time of delivery.

Many expectant moms feel the urge to clean and organize the house in preparation for the new arrival, but fans were joking that it was Alexei, not Loren, experiencing the nesting instinct.

Fans urged Alex to get it together before the baby’s arrival. “Omg she needs peace at this stage. I would have anxiety with stuff every where,” said one concerned follower.

It’s already been a big year for the couple

In January, the couple made a big announcement — and it wasn’t related to the pregnancy. Alex passed his citizenship exam and officially became a citizen of the United States.

The pair were thrilled, and 90 Day fans were very happy for them.

The announcement came a few months after they announced that they were expecting their first child in May.

Around the new year, they found out at a gender reveal party that the baby would be a boy. They have allegedly been discussing names, but plan to not divulge their son’s name until after his birth.

Then, after all that, Alexei became a hero.

Earlier this month, he rescued a drowning man while the two were vacationing in the Bahamas. Alex was humble about the incident, but Loren was happy to brag.

She posted the video of Alex’s heroic rescue to her Instagram account, and fans congratulated Alexei on his quick thinking and bravery.

It seems that 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for the Brovarniks — here’s to wishing them continued good health and happiness.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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