90 Day Fiance: Kenneth and Armando’s celebration cut short after a stranger hurls homophobic insult

Armando and Kenneth
Armando and Kenneth deal with homophobic hate. Pic credit: TLC

Armando and Kenneth are on top of the world after they become engaged and they’re out celebrating with Kenneth’s daughters on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Things are going well and everyone is having a great time until a random stranger walks by them and completely ruins the vibe.

Armando and Kenneth tease about PDA and a stranger insults them

After the proposal, Armando and Kenneth were sitting down to eat and having a great time. Kenneth was talking about how he needs to clean up and the two start goofing around at the table.

As Kenneth makes a joke about “no PDA,” something that has been an issue for them since he got to Mexico, a man walked by and said something to them in Spanish.

Armando understood him and Kenneth’s daughters did too. But when Armando told Kenneth what was said, he was ready to fight.

The mood instantly changed from light-hearted and fun to pain and panic. Was this person going to take things further and hurt the gay couple?

Kenneth’s daughters freaked out by stranger taking shots at their dad

The incident happened right as Kenneth’s daughters were talking to him about his future plans in Mexico. They are still not convinced he should stay there because it’s so different from life back in Florida.

Then, when Kenneth and Armando are the target of some random guy’s homophobic insults, they are even more adamant that this is not a good place for their dad.

After all, they lived their whole lives together in Florida and said that nothing like this has ever happened to them before.

“I’ve never been in public in Florida and someone has been nasty like that to my dad” Kenneth’s daughter explains.

When Kenneth and his daughter act like they are ready to confront the stranger, Armando starts to worry.

“Stop,” Armando insists. “I don’t want us to get hurt.”

After the incident, everyone is on edge and angry about what happened to them during their celebratory meal. One daughter even ends up in tears.

It’s no secret that Mexico isn’t as welcoming when it comes to homosexual couples as the United States is but they certainly didn’t expect to see it on their first night in town.

While both Kenneth and Armando are clearly upset after what happened, Kenneth doesn’t want his daughters to get their feelings hurt. And he’s not leaving Mexico either.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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