90 Day Fiance: Julia wants to be a wedding planner but the advice she received was useless

Julia Trubkina
Julia wanted to get her foot in the door with wedding planning, but the woman she went to for help was not helpful. Pic credit: TLC

Julia has been very vocal on Happily Ever After? so far about wanting to pursue a career as a wedding planner, but understands that she will have to work hard at her dream.

She tried to make the first step by meeting with a wedding planner to discuss the industry and how she can start, but the woman she talked to was not helpful.

The wedding planner she talked to in Richmond, Virginia, merely asked her about her experience and then told her she needed to learn how to break into the industry when the whole reason she was there was to get help figuring that out from her.

As opposed to offering her advice, or a pathway, or even the opportunity to shadow, this wedding planner was useless and didn’t offer anything that would help Julia.

Julia has been going stir crazy doing labor on her husband Brandon’s parent’s farm in rural Virginia, so setting up this meeting and making these steps by herself was a big deal for her only to face disappointment.

Julia’s meeting with the wedding planner was pointless

Julia asked the right questions and was clearly asking for guidance from the woman she met with, but the woman basically told her to figure out the business herself.

At this point, Julia either needs to get a second opinion from another wedding planner who may be able to coach her or even just get her going in the right direction, or she needs to do her own research. Her third option is to choose a different occupation.

She expressed that she has a degree in design and that she would like to be able to use it, but she will need to narrow down the scope of what she wants to do before jumping into anything else in that field.

What other obstacles does Julia face?

Brandon was hesitant about Julia’s idea to be a wedding planner or getting a professional job in America because he said she needs to improve her English. Julia agrees that her English isn’t the best but that she’s not going to let that stop her.

Julia is also limited geographically as to what she can do because she is living on the farm far away from anything.

Her green card status is also in the air as they wait to hear if they are approved after their interview. Her green card status is very important for whether she will be able to work legally or not.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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