90 Day Fiancé’s Julia Trubkina defends herself from accusations she’s lazy by revealing hardworking past

Julia from Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance
Julia shared her work history with followers on Instagram defending herself against people who call her lazy. Pic credit: TLC

Julia is tired of the comments about her work ethic on the farm and wants supporters and haters alike to understand her better.

She came to her own defense and put to bed any notions that she is lazy and not a hard worker.

She listed all the jobs she has had since she started working at age 13, and she highlighted her academic achievements as well.

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However, on the show, she made it clear that taking care of animals and living the farm is something that she does not want to do and that she is only living that life temporarily for Brandon.

Julia has received criticism for wanting to sleep in and in appearing to have no interest in helping out on the farm. Conversely, she also received a lot of praise for standing up for herself and not doing anything she doesn’t want to do.

Julia has always been a hard worker

On the show, Julia has only ever mentioned her past career with regard to dancing in clubs and at events, so she took to Instagram to let followers know that she has a more diverse background than just dancing.

She listed multiple jobs such as waitress, babysitter, hookah girl, children’s party organizer, and office cleaner, to name but a few. Her very first job was hanging out advertisements in the summer when she was thirteen.

Julia said that she has always tried to apply herself in different areas, but that she also has a diploma in design.

While on the farm, Julia did put in time feeding the animals and doing other chores, but this was just because she was being nice. She was actually not required to work on the farm in order to stay.

Fans showed a lot of support for Julia in the comments; they remarked on how she is not only beautiful but also talented. Fellow castmate Yara even made a joke about Julia’s farm work in the comments.

Julia from 90 Say Fiance's Instagram post comments
Yara commented a joke on Julia’s picture. Pic credit: @juliatrubkina1993/Instagram

What is next for Julia Trubkina?

Since Julia has a design degree, she mentioned that she wants to pursue that professional path further and see where it takes her. Julia and Brandon have had increasing relationship issues as their wedding draws closer, and onlookers question how it will all turn out.

Julia has urged Brandon many times to detach from his parents and focus on moving out of the house with her. When Brandon doesn’t take it seriously enough, Julia threatens to go back to Russia.

More will be revealed as the 90 Day couples get closer to their wedding days and work out their remaining issues.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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