90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After spoiler: Elizabeth clashes with her family about Andrei joining the family business

90 day Fiance:Happily Ever After star Elizabeth Potthast walks out of family meeting during heating discussion
Things get heated between Elizabeth and her family as they discuss Andrei. Pic credit:TLC

We’re only one episode into Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? but the drama is already brewing between Andrei Castravet and the Potthast family.

The hot-headed Moldovan native has been butting heads with Elizabeth’s family since the moment they met.

And last season things came to a breaking point during the couple’s wedding in Andrei’s home country.

Since then, quite a few things have changed, but the one thing that remains is that the Potthast family is still leery of Andrei.

Andrei Castravet wants a loan from Elizabeth’s dad

In the first episode, we learned that the 34-year-old had finally given up his role as a stay-at-home dad.

Andrei just got his real estate license and has big plans for his future.

However, those plans include getting a $100,000 loan from Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck, and partnering with him to flip houses.

But Chuck wants Andrei to work in the family business first and prove himself before he considers giving him the large sum.

The problem, though, is that Elizabeth’s family are not all onboard about working with Andrei.

The Potthast family meeting gets heated over Andrei

In a clip for tonight’s episode, Elizabeth joins her family for a meeting to discuss her husband joining the company.

Chuck asked each of his kids if they were willing to show Andrei the ropes.

And surprisingly Libby’s sisters Becky and Jennifer were willing to give him a chance — although it came with some hesitancy.

“It’s a very tricky situation because Andrei wants to prove himself in America because he has a family that he loves and he wants to provide for them,” noted Becky.

“But how he goes about it is very off-balance. It’s off-balance because you can’t come into the family business saying ‘I wanna be a partner.’ We’ve all been there working our way up, working in the family business to provide for our own families.”

“Taking the easy way out, call it what you will, it’s just not meshing well with what we have established already,” added Becky.

Despite their hesitance, both sisters agreed to give Andrei a chance, but their brother Charlie was a much harder nut to crack.

Elizabeth storms out of family meeting

Things hit a snag during the meeting, once Charlie started to air his two cents.

Last time I saw this guy in Moldova we found out he’s a criminal,” remarked Charlie in his confessional. “Then this guy tries to hit me and now I’m supposed to just welcome him with open arms to the family business? Nah.”

“He needs to come basically kiss our a** and say ‘I’m sorry…’ that’s just the bottom line,” he continued.

When asked if he was willing to show Andrei the ropes, Charlie responded “F#*k him…if he wants to do this, earn it!”

But his response pushed Elizabeth over the edge.

“I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I’m not gonna sit here and F#*king listen to this,” said Elizabeth while storming out.

Check out the clip below and see the full scene play out in tonight’s episode.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Bettina Reeder
Bettina Reeder
3 years ago

Tell him to ask his father for the loan if he dont have the money tell him to get a loan for his son. Go sell some houses and make your own money you dont even like your wife’s family