Elizabeth Potthast reacts to her family grilling Andrei Castravet about his past

Elizabeth's father and brother after landing in Moldova. Pic credit: TLC
Elizabeth’s father and brother after landing in Moldova. Pic credit: TLC

Andrei Castravet has famously feuded with his wife Elizabeth Potthast’s family for their entire relationship.

Andrei, a Moldovan native, has some pretty old-school views about gender roles. But despite his insistence that housework is for women, Andrei hasn’t had a steady job the entire time he’s been in America.

Although Elizabeth’s dad offered him a job, Andrei was too proud to take it. Instead, after months of coming up with excuses, Andrei settled in as a stay-at-home dad to his and Elizabeth’s daughter Eleanor.

Andrei’s apparent laziness and continued dependence on Elizabeth’s dad for financial support have led Elizabeth’s family (and fans) to describe him as a “professional beggar.

In last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we saw Elizabeth’s dad find yet another bone to pick with Andrei- his past work in Moldova.

Elizabeth’s dad and brother interrogated Andrei

Regular viewers know that at this time in the season, Elizabeth and Andrei are in Moldova to arrange a wedding for Andrei’s family. Elizabeth’s father, Chuck, and brother Charlie arrived in last night’s episode, but being in a new country didn’t stop them from fighting with Andrei.

Chuck and Charlie began their interrogation with questions like “do you eat salads in Moldova?” and “are there Walmarts here?” which Andrei didn’t take too well.

“Sometimes, I feel like that the language barrier is actually a positive thing because Elizabeth’s family’s stupid stuff is not going to touch the ears of my family,” Andrei explained.

The questions, however, quickly turned personal. “What made you leave Chisinau and move to Ireland?” Chuck asked.

“Eh, just stage of life,” Andrei replied.

Chuck and Charlie, however, weren’t convinced. They pressed the issue, asking if Andrei had really moved because he had gotten in trouble while in Moldova.

“Eh, something like that,” Andrei said. It wasn’t a reassuring answer, and Elizabeth didn’t know of any trouble that prompted Andrei’s move, but it’s possible that Andrei is just messing with the Potthasts.

Elizabeth reacts on Twitter

Elizabeth took to Twitter the day after the episode to comment on the episode. She retweeted a tweet from the official 90 Day Fiance account.

“When your family won’t stop asking questions,” the tweet reads. Attached to the tweet is a GIF of a very annoyed-looking Elizabeth rolling her eyes.

She didn’t comment further, but she got the message across. Elizabeth is on Andrei’s side with this one.

Elizabeth and Andrei will surely continue feuding with Elizabeth’s family- and each other- throughout the rest of the season.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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