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90 Day Fiance fans react to Trish’s wish to send Natalie back to Ukraine

Trish Youngquist
90 Day Fiance fans reacted to Mike’s mom Trish telling Mike to just give Natalie some money and send her back to Ukraine. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans think Trish’s remarks to Mike about giving Natalie $5000 and sending her back to Ukraine were wildly inappropriate.

Trish and Natalie hit their boiling points with each other, it seems, after the very tense Thanksgiving dinner, and next week viewers will see the explosive reactions from both women and Mike in the aftermath.

The trailer for next week’s episode showed Natalie in the backseat of a truck asking to leave and Mike and his mom talking to her from the open car door, asking for an explanation. When Natalie refused to give them one, they both stormed off, and Trish said to just give her five grand and send her back to Ukraine.

Trish has been unwelcoming toward Natalie, and most viewers feel like Natalie’s stern response is warranted.

Trish has never wanted Natalie to be with her son. Since their relationship has not been going well before or after the marriage, it looks like Mike is taking his mother’s side and has not defended Natalie against her.

90 Day Fiance fans reacted to Trish’s derogatory comments towards Natalie

Trish and Mike reacted to Natalie’s ill feelings with insensitivity and anger even though she was the guest in this Thanksgiving situation.

In the heated scene from next week’s episode, Trish told her son to give Natalie “$5000 and send her back to f***ing Ukraine.” Most fans did not react well to Trish’s expletive.

One fan who posted the clip of the scene on Instagram said, “First of all: @bigmike90dayfiance was in debt when he married @nataliemordovtseva. Second of all: What makes @trishyoungquist think she has the key to the country?”

Follows in the comments section of the post also reacted to Trish’s harsh demand. One fan was caught up by Mike and Trish’s treatment of Natalie when they said, “How do you invite your [sons] new vegetarian wife for Thanksgiving meal and no food to serve her. Mike is not an 18 yr old man, if he needs to speak to his wife about working then he should do it. Natalie has some cultural differences that I think set her up to fail.”

Another spectator said Trish and Mike, “always said slick s**t and been gaslighting her from day 1!”

To play devil’s advocate, one viewer said, “I don’t think Trish has been so rude. Natalie has just been finding faults in everything Trish says…now she can’t even mention one time Trish was to her…omg.”

Ig post about Natalie, Trish and Mike
Fans reacted to the heated scene between Trish, Mike, and Natalie. Pic credit: @90daysfianceclip/Instagram

There will be more drama for Natalie, Trish, and Mike this season on Happily Ever After

The cat has been out of the bag that Mike and Natalie are broken up present-day, so the rest of the season on Happily Ever After? will feature the deterioration of Mike and Natalie’s relationship.

Natalie is already rumored to have been cast on The Single Life, and she has been focusing on getting plastic surgeries and working on her body.

Viewers will get to catch the end of the Oklahoma trip and whatever drama will follow Natalie and Mike back home as a result.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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