90 Day Fiance fans decide whether Paul Staehle running or Gino Palazzolo dancing is funnier

Paul Staehle and GIno Palazzolo
It has been decided whether 90 Day Fiance fans think Paul running or Gino dancing is funnier. Pic credit: TLC

Both Paul Staehle and Gino Palazzolo have exhibited bizarre behavior that has made 90 Day Fiance cringe but also be entertained. Within those judgments have also been a lot of laughs on both alums’ behalves.

A 90 Day fan page on Instagram posed the question of whether Paul’s literal running away from situations behavior throughout his time on the show was funnier than Gino’s tongue out dancing with Jasmine Pineda.

The question was given through a poll where the results actually came pretty close although there was a clear winner.

90 Day Fiance fans decided if Paul Staehle’s running is funnier than Gino Palazzolo’s dancing

A poll was made by a 90 Day Fiance fan page and featured in their stories for viewers to vote on. The topic had to do with who was funnier between Paul and Gino.

Specifically, the poll asked, “What’s funnier?” It then gave the options of “Paul running” or “Gino dancing.”

Below the poll description and results featured a photo of Paul running away with his back turned from the show next to a still image of Gino hopping around.

Paul running won the majority of 90 Day fans’ votes coming in at 59%. This means that Gino’s dancing got 41% of the votes.

90 Day Fiance fan page's Instagram story
Pic credit: @90dayboomboom/Instagram

It’s hard to say if viewers were given more time to watch Gino’s quirks on other spinoffs like they have gotten to with Paul, whether it would contribute to the results of the poll.

Both Paul Staehle and Gino Palazzolo have been mired in controversy

Paul Staehle has been alarming 90 Day Fiance viewers for years with his strange off-camera volatility with his now-estranged wife Karine Martins.

With allegations of domestic violence from both of them, Paul and Karine have put their two sons at the center of their conflict that seems to be never-ending.

Gino dug himself in deep after he sent Jasmine’s topless pictures to his ex-sugar baby who claims that Gino has a history of revenge porn.

Paul no longer appears in the franchise after allegedly getting fired from the network for domestic violence accusations in his relationship.

Gino on the other hand still has time to redeem himself, although that does not look promising based on the trailer for next week’s episode. Jasmine will claim to have more drama surrounding the distribution of her topless pictures by Gino.

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