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90 Day Fiance fans beg Kalani to leave Asuelu after another week of bad behavior on Happily Ever After

Asuelu upsets viewers with his treatment of Kalani
Fans urge Kalani to leave Asuelu. Pic credit: TLC

If you’ve been watching 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? then you’ll know exactly why fans are calling out Asuelu Pulaa for his behavior.

His treatment of wife Kalani has been absolutely deplorable.

Now, after another week of bad behavior from the Samoan native, viewers have had enough!

So far we haven’t seen Asuelu in a good light. As the couple struggle with trying to manage their two young kids, all the work seems to be on Kalani with very little help from her husband.

In past episodes, Kalani shed light on the fact the Asuelu spent more time with his friends than with the family.

And while we saw him trying to make up for that –by planning a date night with his wife– Asuelu has become more disliked with each episode.

Asuelu disrespects women during angry rant

A recent car ride while on a trip out of town exposed a side of Asuelu that has 90 Day Fiance fans on overdrive.

With two sick kids in tow and Asuelu riding shotgun as her mom drove,  Kalani struggled to manage the two screaming kids in the backseat.

He was already upset because Kalani canceled their trip to his home country, due to an outbreak of measles in Samoa.

When she asked him for help during the car ride, Asuelu told her that her job as a mother is easy.

He also said that all women in America have it easy because they use machines to do the work for them.

When the Happily Ever After alum brought up the fact that she has been staying up with the kids at night during their sickness, he told her that it’s a woman’s job.

As the conversation continued, he threw a few F-bombs at his wife and even called her a lying b***h.

Twitter urges Kalani to leave Asuelu

Viewers were outraged at the 24-year-old’s misogynistic and disrespectful behavior towards his wife and mother-in-law.

Many angry fans took to Twitter and implored Kalani to leave her Samoan beau.

Twitter user is upset at Asuelu
Pic credit:@dancebonnie/Twitter


Twitter users reacts to Asuelu
Pic credit:@olalaits_french/Twitter.

One Twitter user said she doesn’t know how Kalani can even stand to look at her husband and said she would send Asuelu right back to Samoa.

Twitter user says she would send Asuelu back to Samoa
Pic credit:@GingerhairGrnEy/Twitter

Do you think Asuelu will apologize for this deplorable behavior?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.