90 Day Fiance fans are losing it over Stephanie and Harris’s cringy dynamic

Stephanie and Harris from 90 Day Fiance
Fans share their opinion on the cringey dynamic between Stephanie and Ryan. Pic credit:TLC

Stephanie’s relationship with Harris has indeed been bizarre from the beginning and has evolved into something cringey for fans to watch as they believe his desperation in poverty has led him to cater to Stephanie.

During this week’s episode, fans learned that Harris’ baby mama, Emma, gave her blessing on his relationship with Stephanie. Stephanie called and spoke with Emma over Facetime to clarify her consent, but Stephanie blocked her camera while speaking.

Fans also noticed something bizarre on her phone that led to a barrage of internet blowback; in Stephanie’s phone she has Harris saved as, “Harris….fiancé?”

In another twist of their relationship, viewers saw a scene of Harris and Emma on the beach, and while their children played in the water the pair shared a tender moment and a kiss.

In a private interview, Harris epically listed all the reasons why he is looking forward to life in America, with supporting his family, including Emma, at the top of the list. He made no mention of his relationship with Stephanie being a driving factor.

Fans speculate about the desperation of Harris’ situation

Reddit post about 90 Day Fiance's Stephanie Davison
Fans remarked at Harris’ name in Stephanie’s phone. Pic credit: @u/robhocker/Reddit

One Reddit user commented on just how desperate Harris’ situation in Belize must be when they said, “Once Stephanie mentioned that Emma was on board and gave her blessing I knew it’s a sad cultural reality that they have to send their men off to America like little sex workers just to take care of their families.”

Reddit post about 90 Day Fiance's Stephanie Davison
Fans speculated on Harris’ motives. Pic credit: @u/robhocker/Reddit

Another Reddit user talked about what marrying Stephanie would mean for his situation. “Once he becomes a citizen he can sponsor his REAL wife’s visa to come to the US.”

Reddit post about 90 Day Fiance's Stephanie Davison
Fans are trying to predict what Harris would do once in America. Pic credit: @u/robhocker/Reddit

On Twitter, fans made a meme about Harris, joking that, “If ‘I’m just here for the green card’ was a person.”

Another fan noted that Harris has been, “putting in work” with his dedicated communication with Stephanie.

Fans share opinions about Stephanie’s search of young foreign men

One Reddit user summed up how a large majority of onlookers feel about Stephanie in a comment that got over 130 likes. “I don’t think she’s desperate. I think she wants to pay someone to play a role and say all the right things to her, without much emotional risk. By staying in control and keeping it transactional, she’s avoiding genuine intimacy and any pain that could come with it.”

Reddit post about 90 Day Fiance's Stephanie Davison
Some followers think their relationship is transactional. Pic credit: @u/robhocker/Reddit

Another person from Reddit went off on the situation between Stephanie and Harris in a statement that got over 170 likes. “Stephanie isn’t lonely. Stephanie is using a foreign dude for the d. She’s looking for a subservient houseboy. Hair-rus is not ‘using’ her.. it is (supposed to be) mutually beneficial transactional pairing. Instead, Stephanie is an abusive trash bag to both of them. Leveraging money and s***ty Amazon goods as means to denigrate them.”

Reddit post about 90 Day Fiance's Stephanie Davison
Fans speculate about Stephanie’s motives. Pic credit: @u/robhocker/Reddit

There are a lot of strong feelings from 90 Day Fiancé fans swirling around this controversial couple, but as of right now, viewers don’t know where Stephanie and Harris’ relationship will go.

Stephanie will not be taking part in the Tell All but will be hosting a Tell All of her own.

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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