90 Day Fiance recap: Life has changed for the couples, but will happiness last?

Natalie, Stephanie and Amira from 90 Day Fiance
Viewers got to have some closure as the conclusions for each couple were revealed. Pic credit: TLC

This week, viewers learned the fate of the final three couples yet to have a conclusion on the show.

This episode featured the wedding of Jovi and Yara and, surprisingly, Mike and Natalie. Stephanie moved closer to committing to bringing Harris to America, while viewers got a better glimpse at Harris’ motives for pushing a marriage. Final thoughts from Andrew and Amira were also featured after their relationship ended during last week’s episode.

Finally, the second half of the episode was a baby special starring Yara and Jovi as Yara dealt with pregnancy alone and during the pandemic.

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The last episode of the season did not disappoint for fans who were seeking closure on the remaining relationships.

Many of the couples were relieved to start the next chapter

Natalie and Mike waited until the very last day of Natalie’s visa to get married after their tumultuous time together. The actual ‘I do’s’ were sweet as the minister who married them highlighted the importance of forgiveness. Tamara and Uncle Beau were in attendance to witness the wedding.

Yara and Jovi were married by Elvis in Vegas and were very happy to enjoy their time together before the baby came. Unfortunately, Jovi left for his usual one month on of work, but due to the Coronavirus, Jovi was stuck working in another country for four months instead.

Jovi and Yara from 90 Day Fiance
Jovi and Yara got married and welcomed their baby girl as they were featured in a baby special this week. Pic credit: TLC

Yara stayed with Jovi’s parents for most of that time and was elated when Jovi finally returned home. The young couple welcomed a healthy baby girl named Mylah and were excited to begin the next chapter as new parents and newlyweds.

Viewers learned new truths from the couples

Stephanie was looking forward to beginning another K-1 visa process, this time for Harris. She revealed that Harris’ baby mama, Emma, gave her blessing on the relationship, which made Stephanie feel better.

She ended up calling Harris and speaking to Emma to hear it herself. Emma confirmed her feelings and said that she and Harris communicate better as friends.

There was a scene of Harris with his kids and Emma back in Belize, which showed the pair sharing a kiss. Harris said that he thinks he can have a better life in America and provide for his family and Emma better from there.

After the breakup between Amira and Andrew in last week’s episode, Andrew wanted to talk to his family about what happened, so he met up with his mom and sister.

Andrew from 90 Day Fiance
Andrew met with his family to discuss how he was feeling and his mom had a lot to say. Pic credit: TLC

His mom was sad and angry at Amira and even went so far as to say Amira faked the panic attack to avoid talking to Andrew about how she felt.

Andrew didn’t say that his mom’s opinions were wrong, but did express that he felt more defeated than anything.

Meanwhile, Amira was feeling relieved that she escaped that situation and was excited to heal and start over. She made it a point to say that she never wants to talk to Andrew again and that she is done with his controlling behavior.

Next week is Part One of the Tell All, which looks like it will serve up a lot of drama and realness.

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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