90 Day Fiance critics debate whether Tiffany is worse than Angela

Tiffany and Angela
A debate was started by 90 Day Fiance critics who weighed out whether Tiffany is worse than Angela. Pic credit: TLC

After a 90 Day Fiance critic who hates Tiffany started a discussion about Tiffany being more enraging than Angela, a debate took place about the validity of that sentiment.

The Reddit thread included schools of thought from all perspectives on the topic, from Tiffany supporters to Angela haters. While an easy conclusion was hard to come by, the intense opinions and statements that were shared were very entertaining.

Opinions on topics like abuse, abandonment, leniency, and past behavior were all brought up in the discussion where the majority of contributors still thought Angela was worse than Tiffany.

Critics compared Tiffany’s flaws to Angela’s and defended her

While some people took aim at Tiffany’s character and actions, others defended her, and some thought saying that she’s more enraging than Angela is a stretch.

Some Redditors called out the thread for being too mean and, while not condoning Tiffany’s behavior, defended her against being compared to Angela.

The person that started this thread really dug into Tiffany’s perceived faults and was unrelenting in their opinions of Tiffany.

They summarized, “Reason being that Tiffany’s behavior isn’t simply disgusting towards her partner, but is terrible towards her kids, too.”

They went on to say, “At no point in her rants about how Ronald needs to ‘step up’ does Tiffany consider what a pathetic trainwreck she herself is. A morbidly obese woman who lives at home with her mother, makes less than $20k a year.”

Reddit thread about Tiffany Franco
The Redditor who started the thread mercilessly attacked Tiffany’s character. Pic credit: @u/dioritedragon/Reddit

There were people who thought this Redditor’s assessment was way too harsh. One person defended Tiffany in her comparison to Angela by saying, “Angela is literally actually abusive. I have no idea what it is about this woman that sends you people into a rabid fury.”

Reddit thread about Tiffany Franco
Tiffany was defended by some Redditors who thought the post was being too harsh in comparing her to Angela. Pic credit: @u/dioritedragon/Reddit

Other people in the thread defended the way Tiffany treated Ronald when she arrived in South Africa and harped on Ronald as the reason why Tiffany gets upset.

They said, “Tiffany just spent at least 20 hours on a plane and arrived only to find Ronald didn’t even have any food, spent money they don’t have building a dungeon, got cardboard stuck to the floor of the dungeon, gave their kid a plastic bag to play with, and then refused to change the diaper for his own daughter.”

Reddit thread about Tiffany Franco
One person defended Tiffany and blamed Ronald for the way she acts sometimes. Pic credit: @u/dioritedragon/Reddit

Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship has a lot on the line

As Tiffany spends time in South Africa with Ronald, her son, and the daughter she had with Ronald, they await the decision of Ronald’s spousal visa.

If the visa gets denied, Ronald expects Tiffany and the family to stay in South Africa to live. Tiffany, however, has no intention of doing that.

More remains to be seen as Tiffany and Ronald try to work on their broken relationship, so viewers will have to continue watching to see how it will turn out.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
1 year ago

I would rank them even, both horrible, disgusting women with no class, hypocrites, potty mouths, immature, selfish. What these ‘men’ see in them must be the trip to the US.

1 year ago

It really hit me this past week what a “WHINER” Tiffany was. She seems like she wants to be excused from being a mother just because she flew to Africa. Ronald seems VERY lazy and laid back about essential tasks. It also seems that Carly needs a little disipline . I’m sure Tiffany has had it rough but they all signed up for what they got. Angela has completely turned me off with her filthy mouth and wild jealousy. Natalie on the other hand needs to GO BACK TO RUSSIA!! She is a PAIN I would not deal with!

1 year ago

Tiffany needs to appreciate what Ronald does…she doesn’t have ONE kind word for him and no matter WHAT he does, he can’t please her. Carly needs some serious discipline too! Angela has the nastiest mouth, I was starting to like her, until she had her surgery and is delusional about what Michael is doing…she’s nuts!
Mike needs to grow a set and tell his mommy to stay out if his marriage. I don’t blame Natalie one bit, that clown Trish, treated her like crap, doing things to purposefully annoy her!