90 Day Fiance: Bilal shares snippet of his first trip with Shaeeda

Bilal shares cute montage of his and Shaaeda's first trip together.
Bilal shares a cute montage of his and Shaaeda’s first trip. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Bilal Hazziez has recently shared a cute and sentimental video of his and Shaeeda’s first trip. 

Bilal tried to show the world that the trip to Atlanta wasn’t as bad as it seemed in last week’s episode. 

Bilal shares a cute video montage of his and Shaeeda’s first trip

Bilal recently posted on his Instagram a cute video montage of him and Shaeeda and their journey together so far as a couple. 

He wanted to capture each moment to savor the experience. 

Bilal had the song Matrimony by Wale featuring Usher playing in the background and captioned the video by saying, “Throwback to our first trip together as seen on 90 Day Fiancé!! Remembering a time when we prayed to travel and experience life together.” 

Bilal’s video captured clips of the trip that he and Shaeeda took to Atlanta, as seen on last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance. 

Although Bilal wanted to make the trip to Atlanta seem like it was smooth and exciting, some critics didn’t forget about all the prenup talk

In last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Bilal was a bit deceiving when it came to his with Shaeeda to Atlanta. 

Although Bilal said that he intended it to be a time for Shaeeda to get to know his sister and get some wedding planning done, he did have something else up his sleeve. 

As soon as he and Shaeeda got on a Ferris wheel to view Atlanta, Bilal discussed getting a prenuptial agreement and finalizing that. 

Bilal and Shaeeda had spoken about a prenuptial agreement, but Shaeeda was not thrilled over the idea. 

Since Bilal brought up a prenuptial agreement on their trip and then proceeded to post a video showing the sentimental aspect of their journey, fans were not at all over his deceiving ways

One critic commented on Bilal’s video to let him know that even though he is trying to show the world how sweet of a trip it was, it would have been nice if he hadn’t sprung such a massive topic on Shaeeda. 

The critic said, “Looks like it would’ve been a great adventure had he not tried to use a prenuptial agreement as a way to “protect you both”. Girl, you’re right, he’s protecting himself.”

“The only reason you get a prenup is to protect yourself from losing everything you walk in a marriage with if you end up divorced.”

“He does not see the intelligence you have.”

Critics don't appreciate Bilal's efforts to make his trip with Atlanta with Shaeeda seem better than it was.
Pic credit: @bilalhazziez/Instagram

Hopefully, Bilal will step up his game in the coming weeks and be genuine with his actions towards Shaeeda, but fans will have to wait and tune in to see what happens next. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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11 months ago

As nasty as she’s been to Bilal, he needs to send her packing back to where she came from, she doesn’t deserve him one bit! Wow, these females on this season are ALL HORRIBLE, EVERY SUNGLE ONE OF THEM, both American and the ones who came here from other countries!!!!