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7 Little Johnstons Season 8: Here’s everything we know

Trent Johnston confessional.
Trent and the rest of the Johnston family are back for Season 8. Pic credit: TLC

The 7 Little Johnstons are back with a brand new season.

Season 8 will begin at the end of December, just in time to keep fans looking forward to a new year and a fresh start.

It has been a few months since Season 7 of 7 Little Johnstons aired, and now, it’s time to catch up with the biggest little family and see how things are going.

What will Season 8 of 7 Little Johnstons feature?

For viewers who have been following the Johnstons on social media, they know that the family has been trying their hands at TikTok videos. Both Amber and Trent have done a few of them on their own, along with several that the family has done together.

There will be some talk about relationships as well.

Trent and Amber will attempt to keep their marriage intact and their bedroom life spicy. Look for them to see a counselor and try new things, with some pretty frank confessionals ahead.

Elizabeth Johnston is still seeing Brice, and this season, her friends will have the chance to grill him. They come up with some tough questions that even make her blush, but will his answers be what everyone had hoped they would be?

Jonah is seeing someone and considering moving to another state to be closer to her. How will this affect the family dynamic and will this be the first of many difficult decisions ahead?

The coronavirus pandemic changes everything

When viewers last saw Anna Johnston, she was heading off to college. There was a lot of grief put out on social media against Amber and Trent pushing their daughter to go so far away when she felt like they were pushing her away.

Anna enjoyed her time at school, but the pandemic forced her to return home. In fact, all of the Johnston kids are back under one roof.

Tensions will begin to mount, especially as the pandemic leaves no end in sight. Elizabeth has been working extra shifts in the healthcare world, with the Johnstons sharing Easter with her via video chat. Everyone is feeling the pressure.

Season 8 will begin airing on Tuesday, December 29. Following the show, the family will be appearing in a new digital series from TLC called, Inside the Episodes. The Johnstons will talk about what didn’t make the cut and other fun things.

To catch up with the biggest little family, be sure to tune in for the new season!

7 Little Johnstons returns on Tuesday, December 29, at 8/7c on TLC.