7 Little Johnstons star Elizabeth Johnston pregnant — Fans react to surprising news

The Johnston family is growing! Elizabeth Johnston and her long-term boyfriend, Brice Bolden, are expecting their first child together. 7 Little Johnstons fans have wondered how the two were doing and whether they were still going strong after last season seemed a little intense. And while the baby was a huge surprise announcement for viewers,


7 Little Johnstons Season 8: Here’s everything we know

The 7 Little Johnstons are back with a brand new season. Season 8 will begin at the end of December, just in time to keep fans looking forward to a new year and a fresh start. It has been a few months since Season 7 of 7 Little Johnstons aired, and now, it’s time to


How old are the 7 Little Johnstons in 2020?

7 Little Johnstons is currently airing on TLC, and viewers can’t get enough of the biggest little family on television. From wondering where they live to how old the clan is, facts about the family are interesting enough to keep fans coming back for more each season. As the Johnston family attends their annual Little


7 Little Johnstons exclusive: Trent deals with bullies when they attack his family

7 Little Johnstons has shared an exclusive sneak peek from their upcoming family trip. The family will document their cross-country journey in an RV to drive up the West Coast ahead of attending their annual Little People of America conference. While taking their trip, the Johnstons encounter a few bullies that are running their mouths.


7 Little Johnstons exclusive: Amber and Trent discuss modifying the house

7 Little Johnstons is back with an all-new episode this week. Amber and Trent discuss modifying their home and what it will take to do it. The Johnstons have been vocal about raising their children in an average-sized world. They want them to learn to adapt to their surroundings because things weren’t built for little


7 Little Johnstons exclusive: Amber Johnston talks quarantine life and filming

7 Little Johnstons is currently airing on TLC, and the family has quickly become a fan-favorite on the network. From Amber and Trent’s no-nonsense approach to parenting to their light-hearted time spent with their kids, it is a well-rounded show. Amber Johnston spoke with Monsters & Critics and gave insight on what the family is


Anna on 7 Little Johnstons: What did she do to get into trouble?

Anna Johnston has made a name for herself as a troublemaker in the family. Her life hasn’t been easy, and being adopted didn’t help that any. Amber and Trent Johnston have tried to be firm with her and show her unconditional love. Despite all of that, Anna has made things difficult for herself by being


Where is 7 Little Johnstons filmed and where are they from?

For the past four years, we’ve gotten a glimpse into the lives of the 7 Little Johnstons, on their quest to pursue the American dream. The wholesome TLC series first hit our screens in 2015, and each week we see Trent and Amber Johnston trying to maneuver life with their five kids, Elizabeth, Alex, Emma,