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7 Little Johnstons exclusive: Amber Johnston talks quarantine life and filming

Amber Johnston in a 7 Little Johnstons confessional.
Amber Johnston talks about life and 7 Little Johnstons. Pic credit: TLC

7 Little Johnstons is currently airing on TLC, and the family has quickly become a fan-favorite on the network. From Amber and Trent’s no-nonsense approach to parenting to their light-hearted time spent with their kids, it is a well-rounded show.

Amber Johnston spoke with Monsters & Critics and gave insight on what the family is up to while quarantining and some of the questions fans may have while watching this season of 7 Little Johnstons.

Monsters & Critics: How is everyone holding up during the quarantine? How is Elizabeth processing things being that this is her senior year? Is everyone doing e-learning? How is that going?

Amber Johnston: Everyone is pushing through. It definitely hasn’t been easy, but we’re working together. Liz certainly went through several emotions regarding basically her senior year being canceled. Angry, then sad, but now making the best of it! Prom on the back porch set the tone for the remainder of her senior year. Stay tuned for Graduation ?

Monsters & Critics: Have things between Jonah and Anna gotten better?

Amber: YESSSSSS!!!!!! College was a huge milestone for Anna. She thrived, found her a full-time job, and finished out strong. Jonah has found his purpose in life through a full-time career and a great relationship ?.

Therapy helped our family tremendously. We all know we’re always a work in progress, but as long as we are working to do better, be better, everything becomes better!

Monsters & Critics: How is Trent feeling now? Did the medical mystery get resolved?

Amber: [He has] good days and bad days. A possible answer that we totally did not see coming may have been found, but we can’t do further studies until Covid-19 is over. Fingers crossed.

Monsters & Critics: The Grease video was amazing — what was your favorite part of filming that?

Amber: Honestly, we all loved it! Our executive producer wrote the song for us, and that truly was our favorite. The choreographers were so sweet. It was an amazing experience, a lot of hard work, but something we will keep forever!

Monsters & Critics: You all have been incredibly open on the show, is there anything you regret sharing?

Amber: Regret sharing, no. However, editing sometimes leaves parts out and that’s just part of it. You have to squeeze hours and hours of filming into 44 minutes per episode.

Monsters & Critics: Has anything in particular stood out to you all as a family that was helpful to share?

Amber: Our daily lives. Parenting. We always have said going into this, we want our viewers to always be able to relate to us!! As a family, we feel we’ve accomplished that.

Monsters & Critics: How is Cruiser doing now? Are you all still throwing him a party, or has that novelty warn off during the time lapse between filming and airing?

Amber: Cruiser is amazing. Such a great dog. He and Jesse are best friends. Cruiser and our cat are BFF’s. Parties have pretty much gone away as he turned 1 in March!

Monsters & Critics: How is Emma doing with her speech?

Amber: Emma is making strides with speech. As she is preparing to start high school in August, we are looking into some other treatments as well.

Monsters & Critics: What is your favorite part of filming the show?

Amber: We seriously love our film crew! As a family, we provide the footage. Our crew does such a fantastic job putting the pieces together to make our story to share with viewers.

Be sure to tune in and see what the rest of the season holds for Amber Johnston and the rest of the family.

7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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  1. Love the family and the show, but seriously, Amber, you have to stop covering and making excuses for Alex, and let him grow towards turning into the young man he’s destined to be.
    You constantly let him get away with things you don’t let your other children get away with. That needs to stop.


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