Outlander Season 6: Young Ian will still be ‘caught between two worlds’

John Bell stars as Young Ian in Starz's Outlander
John Bell stars as Young Ian in Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Young Ian (John Bell) has certainly had quite the wild ride in his young life. And that doesn’t look set to change according to the actor’s latest interview.

Having lived with his uncle Jamie (Sam Heughan) in Edinburgh, he then gets kidnapped by pirates and later used in a lustful manner by Gellis (Lotte Verbeek) while trapped in the West Indies. Then, he moves to America with Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and spends some time with the Mohawk Indians.

When he returned to Fraser’s Ridge, he had many secrets, some of which he has still not shared with those closest to him. In addition to this, he struggled somewhat with readjusting to life among the settlers at Fraser’s Ridge.

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Now, it looks like this character will still struggle when Outlander returns in March.

Season 6 will see Young Ian ‘struggling’

A new interview with John Bell has been shared by the Starz network on their official Twitter account for Outlander.

And, according to that, Young Ian will find himself “in a much better place” at the start of Season 6 of Outlander.

“In the beginning of Season 6, he’s in a bunch better place,” Bell reveals.

“He knows where home is, I think, in his heart. He’s still struggling with his identity a little bit.”

John Bell as Young Ian and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, as seen in Starz's Outlander
John Bell as Young Ian and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, as seen in Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Bell puts this down to the fact that the character is still somewhat between the two cultures he has lived with.

He does assure Outlander fans that Ian will find his way “back to his family again” when the historical time-traveling drama returns. However, it appears that there will still be some bumps along the way.

New Outlander clip also hints at romance

While Bell discusses Young Ian’s struggle, clips from Season 6 also play out across the screen. It is here that it looks like Ian might become romantically involved with a new character, Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds).

“Young Ian as a character, I think, always wears his heart on his sleeve,” Bell said.

Meanwhile, a cut scene plays with him and Malva standing in a field. Ian is looking down at Malva, who seems captivated by the young man.

While this may seem a great start for Ian in Season 6 of Outlander, as previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Malva’s family will be set to cause quite the unrest when they arrive at Fraser’s Ridge.

Bell then goes on to speak of how “loyalties are tested” in the upcoming season, which certainly doesn’t bode well for the young couple.

However, viewers will likely have to wait until Season 6 premieres in order to find out more.

Season 6 of Outlander will premiere on March 6, 2022, on Starz.

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