Charities praise latest Outlander episode for its portrayal of baby loss

Last Sunday night’s episode of Outlander revealed a tragic backstory for Young Ian (John Bell). There had been hints prior that Young Ian left the Mohawk tribe due to a sad situation. It had been revealed that not only had Young Ian been married, but a child had been born. However, Episode 5, titled Hour


Outlander: Here’s why Young Ian’s wife suffered those miscarriages

Episode 4 of Outlander saw Young Ian’s (John Bell) tragic backstory revealed. Previously, he had lived with the Mohawk Indians and a few small hints about his time there had been slipped prior to Sunday night’s episode. Already, viewers knew that Young Ian had been married and that a child had been born. Considering how


Outlander: Do Young Ian and Malva Christie hook up in the books?

When Young Ian (John Bell) returned to Fraser’s Ridge in Season 5 of Outlander, he was obviously in the middle of an emotional upheaval. Since then, he has spoken little as to the reason why but viewers have found out that not only was he married while he lived with the Mohawk Indians but that


Outlander Season 6: Young Ian will still be ‘caught between two worlds’

Young Ian (John Bell) has certainly had quite the wild ride in his young life. And that doesn’t look set to change according to the actor’s latest interview. Having lived with his uncle Jamie (Sam Heughan) in Edinburgh, he then gets kidnapped by pirates and later used in a lustful manner by Gellis (Lotte Verbeek)