‘Original searcher shaft’ revealed on The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down episode

Marty Lagina and Matty Blake
Marty shows Matty the searcher shaft on The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down

A shaft believed to have been dug by original searchers on Oak Island is revealed tonight on The Curse of Oak Island’s ‘Drilling Down’ special.

Preview footage which aired after last week’s finale gave a glimpse of Marty Lagina showing Drilling Down host Matty Blake the wood-lined shaft, which was spotted by eagle-eyed viewers in aerial shots of the island earlier the season.

The construction is described by Matty on the episode as an “original searcher shaft”, as it’s thought it may have been created in 1805 by the original men who found the Money Pit.

After seeing the shaft, which includes a ladder poking out of the ground and which was shown in photos ahead of Season 5, Matty is shown saying: “I have never seen anything like this on the island!”

A trailer for the ‘Drilling Down’ episode also reveals Matty being shown all the finds made by the team in Season 5 — including the medieval lead cross uncovered by metal-detecting expert Drayton earlier in the season, which is thought to be the most significant discovery ever made on the island to date.

The sneak peek also shows author and Knights Templar researcher Kathleen McGowan Coppens standing with Matty on the road next to the island’s famous swamp, and pointing at an area on the island saying: “That is where the treasure chamber is, but there is a tunnel that leads to the chamber — and the tunnel begins at the Money Pit.”

The episode description reads: “Matty Blake returns to Oak Island to get a closer look at all the great discoveries made this season, and to find out what’s next for Rick, Marty and the team in their quest to solve the mystery of Oak Island.”

Will there be a Season 6?

Judging by the episode description, we will have more confirmation of that tonight. However, Monsters and Critics previously told how a sixth season looks extremely likely following a string of hints both on and off the show.

Matty recently joked that if he found the treasure said to be buried on Oak Island then he would BET it on there being a Season 6.

Asked if there would be a sixth season, he said: “I can neither confirm nor deny; however, I will say this: Every year I have worked on the show, I have privately said to the people around me that they might not come back for another season.

“After this last season, with the introduction of Gary Drayton, who’s made significant amount [of] finds on the island, it’s like a lightning rod has gone off and they continue to keep making all kinds of discoveries.

“I would be absolutely shocked if there wasn’t a season six. If I could find the treasure on Oak Island, I would make a bet with it that there would be another season.”

Last week’s Season 5 finale saw the Oak Island team finally uncover what was at the bottom of the DMT shaft which had been stopping their drilling progress — a super-hard granite boulder. The gemstone they uncovered in the previous episode was also revealed to be a 400- to 500-year-old rhodolite garnet.

The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down airs tonight at 8/7c on History.

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Michele L Malinowski
Michele L Malinowski
1 year ago

Season , there was a shaft uncovered… was there anymore information about it?