NCIS: Who is the secret character leaving diner in new cast poster?

NCIS Diner Image
A lot of characters have enjoyed the NCIS diner over the years. Pic credit: CBS

A new NCIS cast poster has been revealed for the 19th season of the hit drama.

The poster intends to show off the two new main characters, but is there a subtle hint at something sinister?

In the poster shared below, we get a good look at new NCIS cast member Gary Cole. He is playing FBI Special Agent Alden Parker, and he is sitting next to Director Vance (played by Rockey Carroll) at the diner counter.

The poster also features Agent Jessica Knight (played by Katrina Law) sitting next to McGee (Sean Murray) at one of the diner tables. She appeared in the final two episodes of Season 18 but is back as a full-time character.

New NCIS cast photo raises some questions about the show

Below is the full image of the NCIS cast picture that CBS and the show are advertising on all social media accounts. It gives a look at all of the main players for Season 19 of the show.

Who is exiting the NCIS diner in new advertisement?

In the upper right-hand corner of the new photo, we can see a part of someone leaving the diner. It’s an ominous bit of information hidden in plain sight, but it isn’t easy to figure out what the show is hinting at.

NCIS Cast Photo Season 19
A Season 19 NCIS cast photo hints at something more. Pic credit: CBS

Is this the serial killer that Gibbs and journalist Marcie Warren had been chasing? Is this a villain from the past who has been keeping tabs on the main characters? Is Gibbs going to see ghosts again?

One interesting NCIS fan theory is that this could be Tony DiNozzo popping up again. That would be really neat if Michael Weatherly came back for a few more episodes of the show, especially if this turns out to be Gibbs’ final season.

More NCIS Season 19 details

An exciting new trailer for the NCIS season premiere has been released, and we get to see a lot of what will be covered in the first episode. It’s a dramatic way to start Season 19, and it looks like Gibbs’ team is starting to fear that he may have been killed by that boat explosion.

The full NCIS premiere synopsis and cast list are here to give fans some specific details about the opener for the Fall 2021 season.

CBS has provided a few NCIS spoilers about the new season. It addresses a few of the questions that have been asked recently, including if this is the last season of NCIS, if Mark Harmon only appears in a few episodes, and if NCIS Season 20 is being thought about at CBS yet.

The first episode for NCIS Season 19 airs on Monday, September 20, and it’s important for fans to remember that the show is airing on a new night this year.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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