NCIS: Sean Murray speaks about airport scene with his character McGee

Sean Murray has played Special Agent Timothy McGee on the NCIS cast since Season 1. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS season premiere had an important scene involving McGee and Gibbs that has not yet been resolved.

For viewers that need a quick reminder, it appeared that McGee was trying to stop a plane from taking off as Gibbs shot him using a sniper rifle from a roof nearby.

Following that introduction scene, the episode moved into the past with Gibbs and Fornell looking into the drug ring that had led to the drug overdose that Fornell’s daughter had gone through.

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The second episode of the season was an even deeper flashback, as the writers used Episode No. 400 to show what it was like when Young Gibbs met Young Ducky for the first time.

Then, in the fall finale, the Gibbs-Fornell investigation continued. When the show finally returns from its winter hiatus, there will be a double feature (two episodes) that resolves some of the early storylines.

But before the next episode debuts, in which McGee gets to vacation with his wife, actor Sean Murray gave an interview about what fans might be able to expect from the show.

Sean Murray talks about the Gibbs-McGee scene

“One of my favorite things ever is the culmination of that airport sequence that happens; we saw a version of it in the teaser for the [premiere]. When I read that scene, I immediately called my showrunner to say, ‘Am I reading this correctly?'” Murray said in an interview with TV Insider.

Murray continued by saying, “We haven’t seen anything like this previously. The Gibbs and McGee relationship is a long and complicated one, and obviously is much more complicated by the events that occur in that second episode and we definitely get into that.”

It sounds like the NCIS return date is going to be a really interesting night of episodes for fans of the show.

NCIS Season 18 rolls on

As we mentioned, there are two episodes arriving when NCIS finally returns from its winter hiatus. The first episode airs at 8/7c on January 19, with the second episode taking over the FBI timeslot at 9/8c on the same night.

A lot of the night will involve McGee’s wife, Delilah, who hasn’t been on the show in a while. It will be good to see her back on the show and from the early sneak peeks for the episodes, it could be a lot of fun.

[ NCIS ] Something Blue 14x23 - McGee and Delilah are expecting

Soon, fans are also going to see a new story arc, as one of the main characters is departing from the NCIS cast. That will happen later in Season 18 as per a prior announcement.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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