NCIS ratings: Show is the No. 1 drama with amazing numbers in update

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The NCIS Season 19 cast was very entertaining for the fans. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS ratings for the 2021-2022 television season were updated, and it’s nothing but good news for the 19-year CBS drama. The final numbers for every show from the past year were released, showing which programs led the way.

As expected, the most-watched programs are the NFL presentations on Thursday and Sunday evenings. The NFL action from Fall 2021 brought in millions of viewers each week, out-pacing everything else on television.

When it comes to the scripted shows, though, NCIS was easily the most-watched show, with fellow CBS program FBI coming in right behind it. It’s also worth noting that NCIS: Hawai’i came in as the 12th most-watched show that wasn’t football.

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This is a huge victory for NCIS Season 19, especially since the show aired on a different night. For years, NCIS fans had been tuning in at 8/7c on Tuesday nights, but for Season 19, new episodes debuted at 9/8c on Monday nights.

The final NCIS Season 19 ratings

For Season 19 of NCIS, the updated numbers have an estimated 10.9 million viewers watching each new episode. These numbers include viewers who watched the episodes live and those who watched within the first seven days on DVRs or through OnDemand.

The other top five shows were FBI (10.29 million), Chicago Fire (9.81 million), Blue Bloods (9.78 million), and The Equalizer (9.42 million).

As for the Monday night NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Hawai’i averaged 8.28 million viewers. And on Sunday nights, NCIS: Los Angeles averaged 7.28 million viewers weekly.

More news from the world of NCIS

Recently, one NCIS star shared a photo with an NCIS: LA actor, spurring a lot of chatter on social media about a possible crossover.

And speaking of a possible crossover, one involving all three NCIS shows has been talked about, which could definitely lead to a lot of excitement from fans during the 2022-2023 television season.

Some news that should also be very exciting for NCIS: Los Angeles fans is that Linda Hunt is back as Hetty Lange for Season 14 of the show. Those new episodes will air in Fall 2022, and having Hetty back on the show should add another level of drama and intrigue.

While we wait for new episodes of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: Hawai’i to arrive in the fall, fans can stream all prior seasons by using Paramount+. It’s a helpful tool to go back and watch season finales or look up some of the great episodes from the past.

NCIS airs Monday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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judithwallace Wallace
judithwallace Wallace
1 year ago

I like all but NCIS Hawaii not a fan of that one