Marvel’s Behind The Mask trailer is a docu-story about comic book stories

Marvel's Behind The Mask trailer comics.
Pic credit: Disney Plus

It’s safe to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the model that many other movie studios aspire to be like today. Marvel Studios’ unprecedented shared universe of comic book properties has resonated with worldwide audiences. 

They’re a success both critically and commercially. And now, the Marvel’s Behind The Mask trailer showcases a documentary that promises to look at just why that is. 

The new Disney Plus series, Behind The Mask, takes a look at the evolution of comic book stories. And how the stories are less about high-flying superheroes, gods, and monsters, but rather stories about the real people behind the mask. 

Marvel’s Behind The Mask documentary featured on Disney Plus

The documentary series speaks to comic book industry insiders, writers, illustrators, academics and deconstructs why comic book stories have taken over the mainstream media zeitgeist. Diversity, representation, race, religion, and sexuality are some of the topics featured in Marvel’s Behind The Mask trailer. 

Many of the creators of popular comic stories talk about how the concept of Black Panther was about showcasing a land of Black people untouched by outside influences. Very much relating the story to real-world colonialism.

There are topics discussing how Asian characters were drawn in comic books, and the steps taken to change that for the modern world. Some of the creators featured in the documentary are comic book legends like Neal Kirby, Brian Michael Bendis, and many more. 

Behind the scenes of the creation of iconic comic book properties now made into popular movies.

Marvel's Behind The Mask trailer Streaming.
Pic credit: Disney Plus

The properties touched upon in the documentary are the characters of Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, the X-Men, and others. Franchises that very much changed the landscape of storytelling, both in comics and movies.

The rich history behind each franchise’s publication as a comic book directly connects to its potential for a live-action movie or TV success. The current WandaVision, for example, is taking inspiration directly from those comic book stories. 

Marvel’s Behind The Mask documentary is incredibly timely given the current landscape of superhero dominated properties in the movie and television industry. More so than original content, the adaptation of comic book properties is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Comic book content has permeated pop culture, commercial cinema, indie favorite, and even legitimized through many accolades. HBO’s Watchmen adaptation dominated the most recent Emmy awards. While Warner Bros. Joker took home multiple Oscars for performances, story, and direction.

Marvel’s Behind The Mask premieres on Disney Plus on February 12. 

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