Watchmen Season 1, Episode 7 recap: An Almost Religious Awe

Watchmen season 1, episode 7 recap: An Almost Religious Awe
Jeremy Irons, Tom Mison, Sara Vickers on Watchmen. Pic credit: Colin Hutton/HBO

After six episodes of strong build-up, everything exploded in the seventh episode of Watchmen, titled An Almost Religious Awe.

A hero from the comics returns, the plans of the Seventh Cavalry were revealed, and a massive twist ends this episode with only two remaining for the HBO hit series.

Here is everything that went down as the dominos start to topple on Watchmen on HBO.

The trial of Ozymandias

Let’s start off with Adrian Veidt, the former Ozymandias.

After seeing a lot of hints that Veidt was trapped on a moon and wanted to escape, things took a bizarre turn in this episode. Bizarre might be putting it lightly.

Adrian Veidt was on trial for breaking the only rule — trying to escape.

This took a strange turn in the start when the judge, who also happened to be the Game Warden, said that the trial for Veidt had lasted a year. This throws the entire Veidt storyline out of whack with the rest of the series.

Furthermore, the entire trial was a sham. Veidt chose to represent himself but never gave any defense for his actions.

The prosecution, which was one of the clones he created, named all his crimes, from slaughtering several clones in the past to killing millions with a giant squid, to trying to escape. Veidt’s only response was to fart and then say he rests his case.

Then, the judge called in his peers to judge him, which was a batch of pigs which then declared Veidt guilty.

Veidt simply sat and a tear fell from his eye, which then transitioned to that statue of him in Lady Trieu’s base of operations.

Needless to say, this storyline went in a direction no one could have expected and our original theory that Ozymandias might be inside that statue and is just torturing himself for his past crimes is starting to take form.

Laurie Blake is the worst detective

In possibly the worst character development, the arrogant Laurie Blake is arguably the worst detective in the world.

Honestly, the former Silk Spectre made some boneheaded moves in this episode that made her look really dumb.

She sent her lackey to see if Looking Glass was working with the Seventh Cavalry, but all he found was dead Seventh Cavalry members, which thankfully means Looking Glass is still out there alive after that episode 5 cliffhanger.

Then, Laurie went to explain to Chief Judd Crawford’s wife that Angela’s grandfather was Hooded Justice and killed Judd. However, Judd’s wife pulled out a control, said that she was in on it, and as Laurie looked at her in awe, she opened a trap door and captured Blake.

When Blake came to, Senator Keene was there and revealed the big plans. While Laurie claimed she didn’t care, when he told her that their plan was to “turn blue,” she suddenly perked up.

The master plan was partially revealed.

What is Lady Trieu up to?

This takes us back to Lady Trieu and her Millenium Clock.

She has Angela at her base, saving her life. She is trying to wipe Will Reeves’ memories from Angela’s mind to bring her back to sanity because all her memories are combining with Will’s, confusing everything.

By the time that Angela gets out of her room, she finds a new room that has a globe in it. It turns out that all those phone booths where people go to send messages to Doctor Manhattan are going to Lady Trieu.

Furthermore, Lady Trieu tells Angela the rest of the Seventh Cavalry’s plan. According to Trieu, Will Reeves came to her for help because he learned that Doctor Manhattan was back on Earth and walking around in the disguise as a human.

The Seventh Cavalry plans to capture Doctor Manhattan, kill him, and then become him and take over the world. She is there to stop them.

Angela’s backstory

In the last episode, Angela relived her grandfather’s story, from the Tulsa Race Massacre to his career as Hooded Justice.

In this episode, we see Angela’s childhood. It was just as bad as many of the other characters on the Watchmen HBO series.

She was born to a military father and seemed to be in a loving family in Korea, which was the 51st state of the United States after the U.S. won that war. However, a bicycle suicide bomber left her an orphan.

Luckily, her grandmother found her and promised to bring her back to Tulsa, before dropping from what appeared to be a heart attack before they could leave.

This was all seen in Angela’s memories.

However, the big twist came at the end of this episode.

Angela Abar and her husband Cal relocated to Tulsa after he was involved in an accident that left him with complete amnesia of his life prior to that.

However, as Lady Trieu told Angela, total amnesia only exists in fiction.

Angela left the Millenium Clock and went home. She approached Cal with a hammer and told him they had planned for this and it was his idea. She then beat him to death with the hammer.

After killing her husband, she dug into his skull and pulled out a small disc with a red glow inside of it. As she looked down, a blue glow appeared on her face and she said, “Hey baby, we’re in fuc*ing trouble.”

Yes, it looks like Cal was Doctor Manhattan and Angela knew it all along.

Watchmen airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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