Bian on Watchmen: Jolie Hoang-Rappaport plays the girl with an old woman’s soul

Tonight on Watchmen on HBO, several huge plot twists changed everything that we know about the comic book sequel. One of the biggest involved Bian. Bian is the “daughter” of Lady Trieu, the trillionaire that is building the Millenium Clock to try to help Hooded Justice Will Reeves stop the Seventh Cavalry from taking over


Watchmen Season 1, Episode 7 recap: An Almost Religious Awe

After six episodes of strong build-up, everything exploded in the seventh episode of Watchmen, titled An Almost Religious Awe. A hero from the comics returns, the plans of the Seventh Cavalry were revealed, and a massive twist ends this episode with only two remaining for the HBO hit series. Here is everything that went down


Watchmen Season 1, episode 6 recap: This Extraordinary Being

Watchmen took an interesting turn this weekend with its sixth episode, This Extraordinary Being. The show took a blast to the past and told the origin story of Hooded Justice. Here is a look at the latest episode of Watchmen on HBO. Angela goes into Will Reeves past on Watchmen Last week on Watchmen, Angela


Where is Adrian Veidt on Watchmen on HBO?

Last week’s episode of Watchmen on HBO ended with a major cliffhanger concerning Adrian Veidt. Veidt tried to escape his Manor captivity and ended up clearly on another planet. Sadly, this week was the first time that Adrian Veidt did not appear on an episode of Watchmen on HBO. Where is Adrian Veidt on Watchmen


Watchmen Season 1, episode 5 recap: Little Fear of Lightning

After four episodes of stealing every scene he was involved in, this week it is time for Detective Looking Glass to step into the spotlight, and, oh boy, this was one heck of an origin story. See, Looking Glass was there when the squid attacked New York. Wade and the Giant Squid More precisely, he


Paula Malcomson on Watchmen: Who is actress who played Renee?

The newest episode of Watchmen gave fans a look at the past of Detective Looking Glass and then showed why he never, ever, should trust a woman. He only survived the squid that attacked New York City because a girl tricked him into letting her take off all his clothes in a house of mirrors


Lady Trieu on Watchmen: Who is Hong Chau’s mysterious character?

Watchmen on HBO introduced a new character in its fourth episode, titled If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own. The character was Lady Trieu, portrayed by Hong Chau. Here is everything you need to know about Lady Trieu on Watchmen. Lady Trieu on Watchmen Lady Trieu has been mentioned in previous episodes of