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Paula Malcomson on Watchmen: Who is actress who played Renee?

Paula Malcomson on Watchmen: Who is actress who played Renee?
Paula Malcomson appeared this week on Watchmen. Pic credit: Mark Hill/HBO

The newest episode of Watchmen gave fans a look at the past of Detective Looking Glass and then showed why he never, ever, should trust a woman.

He only survived the squid that attacked New York City because a girl tricked him into letting her take off all his clothes in a house of mirrors and left him naked in there.

Then, he approached his ex-wife, who was helping him discover what the mysterious pills Angela’s grandfather gave her were. She said she spent seven years trying to convince him she wasn’t going to steal his clothes and run away.

Finally, he seemed to open up to a new woman in the present day named Renee. However, she did something worse than all the women in his past.

Who is Renee in Watchmen on HBO?

Renee showed up at the weekly therapy meetings that Looking Glass held to help other survivors who suffered from memories and fears surrounding the attack on New York City.

Renee was a newcomer to the meeting and she invited Looking Glass out for drinks where she shared her story with him.

However, she had ulterior motives. See, Renee is a member of the Seventh Cavalry, the cop killers who wear Roarsarch masks. It was also a trap as she led him straight to their hideout where he was shown the truth behind the squid attacks and given an ultimatum.

He had to set up Angela to take the fall for the death of Chief Judd Crawford or they would kill her entire family.

Who is Paula Malcomson?

Actress Paula Malcomson portrayed Renee in Watchmen on HBO and she is a familiar face. If you are having trouble placing it, here is what you need to know.

HBO fans should know her instantly, as she portrayed Trixie on the hit series Deadwood. She also had major roles in Caprica (Ananda Graystone), Sons of Anarchy (Maureen Ashby) and Ray Donovan (Abby Donovan).

For movie fans who recognize her, look no further than the Hunger Games franchise, where she portrayed Katniss Everdeen’s mother.

Watchmen airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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