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Fogdancing on Watchmen: What is the book Adrian Veidt is reading in the after-credits scene?

Fogdancing on Watchmen
Adrian Veidt on Watchmen on HBO. Pic credit: Colin Hutton/HBO

This week’s episode of Watchmen in HBO had a special post-credit scene, and it involved an imprisoned Adrian Veidt.

After being humiliated and having tomatoes shoved in his face by the beings that Doctor Manhattan brought into existence because he wanted to leave them and no longer be their God, he ended up back in his cell.

When the Game Warden brought him the cake that they always bake for him, he was reading the book Fogdancing. When the Game Warden asked if he wanted a new book, Veidt said that the Game Warden wouldn’t understand what makes this book great since it is about loneliness.

Of course, the Game Warden knows all about loneliness since he was the “Adam” created by Doctor Manhattan when he created this utopia on Europa, the moon of Jupiter.

This scene is the second time we have seen Fogdancing in Watchmen on HBO.

What is Fogdancing on Watchmen?

Fogdancing is a fictional book written by artist Max Shea. This author is the same man who wrote Tales of the Black Freighter, the comic book within the Watchmen comic book.

In the fictional universe of Watchmen, Shea wrote Tales of the Black Freighter for DC Comics, and the company fired him when they deemed it too “pornographic.” He left DC and wrote other books, including Fogdancing.

It was previously seen in the episode where Ma Clark was reading it when Lady Trieu came to offer her a child for her land.

One day, Max Shea and more artists and creators disappeared and ended up transferred to an island where some thought they were working on a movie. However, they were working on the mind control alien for Adrian Veidt.

This mission ended in tragedy when Veidt had a plane pick them up when they finished, but there was a bomb on the aircraft, and Veidt murdered them all to cover up his diabolical plans.

It is interesting to see Adrian Veidt as a fan of Fogdancing, which he calls a story about loneliness, especially since he killed the author himself.

Watchmen airs its season finale on HBO on Sunday, Dec. 15, at  10/9c.