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Where is Adrian Veidt on Watchmen on HBO?

Where is Adrian Veidt on Watchmen on HBO?
Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt on Watchmen. Pic credit: Mark Hill/HBO

Last week’s episode of Watchmen on HBO ended with a major cliffhanger concerning Adrian Veidt.

Veidt tried to escape his Manor captivity and ended up clearly on another planet.

Sadly, this week was the first time that Adrian Veidt did not appear on an episode of Watchmen on HBO.

Where is Adrian Veidt on Watchmen on HBO?

The fact that Adrian Veidt did not appear on Watchmen this week on HBO was likely due to the major cliffhanger last week.

The former Ozymandias appears to be in great danger, and this week’s introduction fo Hooded Justice’s origin story allowed the show to take a break from Veidt to keep the tension high.

Remember, last week there was also the cliffhanger ending of the Seventh Cavalry heading into Looking Glass’ house to kill him. This week, both cliffhangers were left hanging.

With that in mind, where is Adrian Veidt in the world of Watchmen on HBO?

There are some different opinions.

Some people think he is on Earth’s moon. Based on the view from last week’s scene where Veidt escaped the Manor, that is not true. He was not looking at Earth from that location.

Some thought he was on Mars. That probably isn’t true either, as he was on what was almost certainly a moon.

But, what moon?

There are two modes of thought. One is that he is on one of Mars’ moons since Mars is where Doctor Manhattan is and most people believe it was Manhattan that imprisoned him.

Why Doctor Manhattan would imprison him so many years after he unleashed a giant squid on Earth is unknown.

With all that said, he is more than likely on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Why he was put on a Jupiter moon is also unknown, although there was a satellite there orbiting it, and he wanted someone to save him.

With Adrian Veidt missing from this week’s episode, fans will have to wait a little longer to figure out where Adrian Veidt is on Watchmen.

Watchmen airs on Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.

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