Watchmen Season 1, episode 6 recap: This Extraordinary Being

Watchmen season 1, episode 6 recap: This Extraordinary Being
Regina King as Angela on Watchmen. Pic credit: Mark Hill/HBO

Watchmen took an interesting turn this weekend with its sixth episode, This Extraordinary Being. The show took a blast to the past and told the origin story of Hooded Justice.

Here is a look at the latest episode of Watchmen on HBO.

Angela goes into Will Reeves past on Watchmen

Last week on Watchmen, Angela had the pills that her grandfather, Will Reeves, left for her and realized they contained his memories.

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However, just when Laurie Blake ordered her arrest, Angela ate all the pills. This is dangerous, though, because they caused Angela to slip into a coma as she started to relive Will’s entire life.

That life had the one huge twist that most fans saw coming — the very first superhero in existence, Hooded Justice, was not a white man. It was Will Reeves.

Will Reeves as Hooded Justice

Will Reeves, as Watchmen on HBO has shown previously, was one of the survivors of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also found a baby that he saved.

That baby ended up as his wife when the two grew up. She was a reporter and he became a police officer. Sadly, he was a token black police officer and faced danger at every turn.

This is because many of his fellow police officers were members of the Ku Klux Klan segment known as Cyclops and they not only protected white criminals who attacked minorities but had nefarious plans of their own.

Will realized this when he arrested a man who threw a firebomb into a Jewish business and the police let him off. The police then hung Will from a noose before cutting him down and letting him know next time he interfered in white men’s business, they would leave him hanging.

After this, Will was headed home with the noose still around his neck. He saw a couple being attacked by criminals and put a mask on and saved them. When the newspapers called him a hero, he soon took on the role of Hooded Justice.

However, Will painted the skin around his eyes white so people believed he was one of them.

The Minutemen

Soon, Will Reeves received a visit from a man who turned out to be Captain Metropolis. He wanted Hooded Justice to join the Minutemen because he influenced the entire team.

Metropolis originally believed that Will Reeves fed Hooded Justice information and knew him, but realized quickly that Will was Hooded Justice.

However, things did not go like Will believed.

Outside of the fact that Will Reeves cheated on his wife with Captain Metropolis in a gay relationship, the leader of the Minutemen really only wanted him in the group to heighten their popularity (and endorsement deals).

Will realized this when he finally found out what Cyclops was planning and Captain Metropolis refused to bring in the team to help because blacks riot all the time, anyway.

Cyclops plan

Cyclops was a branch of the Ku Klux Klan that had developed a science fiction styled device. With a flashing white light, they could get people to do anything they told them to do.

Will found out when a massacre happened at a black movie theater. The patrons all started killing each other and then a woman told Will there was a flashing white light and she believed she had to kill those people around her.

Will saw a man leaving with a projector and followed him to a warehouse. It was here that the man he tried to arrest earlier showed up, as a man who owned the warehouse.

When Will realized he was on his own and the Minutemen had no intention of helping him, he pulled his gun and killed the man.

Will then went into the warehouse and gunned down everyone in there, including several police officers who were members of the Klan.

Will then saw the police officer who threatened to hang him was the man who was making an audio recording with the flashing white lights, ordering black to kill each other. He strangled the police officer and then burned the warehouse down with all the men inside.

Will Reeves and Angela

The problem is that Will Reeves was so far gone. His wife had their child and when he came home and saw the boy was putting on his costume because he wanted to be like him, he tried to wash the white makeup off his face.

His wife lost it here and said he can’t wash it off himself and she left him. She went back to Tulsa and told Will never to come there and to forget they ever existed.

That moved the story to the present day when Will Reeves caused the flat tires that caused Judd Crawford’s eventual death.

However, the twist was that Will had mastered the flashing lights and had Judd Crawford hang himself.

Judd admitted that the Klan outfit was his grandfather’s and when he was accused of admiring it, he said Will didn’t know anything about him.

Then, Angela finally woke up.

She was in the care of Lady Trieu, who welcomed her back.

Adrian Veidt never appeared in this episode.

Watchmen airs on HBO on Sunday nights at 9/8.

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