Madison on This Is Us: Who is show creator Dan Fogelman’s real-life wife Caitlin Thompson?

Madison on This is Us is played by Caitlin Thompson.
The real-life wife of Dan Fogelman plays Madison on This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

Madison on This is Us is played by Caitlin Thompson, who is the real-life wife of show creator Dan Fogelman. The talented actress has made a splash as Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) best friend.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, Madison was nothing more than Kate’s annoying pal. Now though, she is Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) most recent one-night stand and possible baby mama.

Despite Madison and Kevin agreeing not to tell Kate about their rendezvous, she spilled the beans in a voicemail to her friend. After all, Kate is the only real friend in Madison’s life, and she doesn’t want hooking up with Kevin to ruin the friendship.

Who is Dan Fogelam’s wife Caitlin Thompson?

Along with being an actress, Caitlin is also a writer and has contributed her writing skills to episodes of This Is Us. Yes, Dan has made no secret that the NBC drama is a family affair.

Dan and Caitlin have been married since 2015. The couple is proud parents to two adorable dogs, often featured on Caitlin’s Instagram page. She is also a very proud wife, showing her love for Dan on social media too.

Ironically a couple of years ago, the show creator joked he would never let his real-life wife hook up with Justin Hartley on screen. Fans were quick to call him out on social media after Kevin and Madison got freaky together.

If Caitlin looks familiar, it is because she has several acting credits under her belt. She appeared in episodes of 90210, as well as the Freeform hit Greek and the short-lived comedy LA to Vegas.

This Is Us is not the first time Caitlin has been part of one of her husband’s projects. She had a bit part in the hit film Crazy, Stupid, Love which was written by Dan.

What is next for Madison on This Is Us?

There is a chance Madison is Kevin’s baby mama, but it would be shocking if she were Kevin’s pregnant fiancé in the flash-forward. Madison is Kate’s bestie. This Is Us already played that card with Sophie being Kate’s friend first when they were children. The NBC drama never repeats storylines.

What fans can expect next for Madison is the fallout of her sleeping with her best friends’ brother. Kate acted chill about it at the cabin. However, The Big 3 were all dealing with drama at the time. She didn’t really get a chance to process the news.

Once Kate is not focused on her marriage to Toby (Chris Sullivan) or her mom Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) diagnosis, she is going to have thoughts on Kevin and Madison sleeping together. It is a betrayal, just like Sophie did.

Madison and Kate have a very close, yet unusual friendship. It grew out of hate and bullying. Now though, there is a genuine friendship there. They will likely have a rough patch after Madison’s indiscretion but will be closer than ever after it is all said and done.

Fans shouldn’t worry that Madison is leaving This Is Us. Caitlin Thompson, who plays the bubbly blonde, is married to show creator Dan Fogelman. He is not going to get rid of a character played by his wife.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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