Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady apologizes to contestant for ‘never happened before’ moment

lets make a deal host wayne brady face shot from zonk redemption 2024 episode
Host Wayne Brady gave contestants another chance to win during Zonk Redemption. Pic credit: CBS

Wayne Brady encountered a challenging moment during Let’s Make a Deal, which he said had “never happened before.”

The popular game show host participates in various games and segments with model Tiffany Coyne and announcer Jonathan Mangum as contestants try to win significant prizes.

Among those prizes are cash, cars, and trips to places in the United States or exotic locations.

Contestants recently participated in a Zonk Redemption show since they’d previously received Zonks during other games they played, meaning they won nothing.

With Zonk Redemption on Let’s Make a Deal, contestants got another chance to win money or other significant prizes.

However, things got interesting during the show at a crucial moment, as everyone wanted to see if a contestant had won.

Let’s Make a Deal contestants received another chance with Zonk Redemption

During Let’s Make a Deal’s Zonk Redemption show on Friday, host Wayne Brady had two contestants on stage with him, Lindsay and Gabrielle. They received Zonks during other games they’d played on the show rather than winning a bigger prize.

Lindsay revealed she was “the first one up and the first one out,” and a “Zonk storm” hit her. She wore a creative costume, which included a Zonk cloud raining down on her yellow shirt, which had Zonks all over it.

She offered Wayne an umbrella hat to wear, but he explained he didn’t need it. Instead, Chris, a nearby member of the show’s production team, put on the “2024 Headbrella.”

Gabrielle explained that she got Zonked in a game where she had to choose between a “teeny tiny box” and a bigger curtain. According to Gabrielle, her clue for the curtain was, “Don’t play games with my heart.”

“I got zonked with two teeny tiny soulmates,” she explained, showing she had several badges with announcer Jonathan Magnum on her all-green costume.

“But you’re back now to get it done!” Wayne told Gabrielle before explaining how they’d get second chances.

Jonathan brought out three bottles of champagne, each marked with a number. Wayne explained that both contestants had to choose a bottle of champagne by number.

He said that if they selected a bottle that sprayed green confetti, they’d win $5,000.

Lindsay selected “Bottle 2,” while Gabrielle chose “Bottle 1.”

Wayne apologized to one contestant during her game’s big moment

Let’s Make a Deal always gives contestants another offer to consider, which was the case for Gabrielle and Lindsay.

Wayne said Gabrielle could keep her champagne bottle or take the small box Tiffany had.

Gabrielle immediately chose the small box, so Wayne asked Jonathan to open her champagne bottle. After shaking it up, he opened the bottle, and green confetti sprayed out.

wayne brady and jonathan magnum appear with contestants during lets make a deal zonk redemption game
Let’s Make a Deal’s Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum with Zonk Redemption contestants. Pic credit: CBS

It was disappointing, but only momentarily. When Tiffany lifted the small box lid, Gabrielle learned she’d won a pair of foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphones that can open to create tablets. Her prizes were worth $3,600.

“You’ve been redeemed!” Wayne told her, and she left the stage a winner.

The host turned his attention to Lindsay, who also had a decision to make. She could keep her champagne bottle or take “Curtain 3.”

“Curtain number three did me dirty last time,” Lindsay said as she chose to keep her champagne bottle.

She learned she passed up a barbecue grill and several lawn games behind the curtain. That prize package was worth $3,403.

However, some trouble ensued in the next moments of her potential redemption.

“May I open this one?” Wayne said to Jonathan as he handed the champagne bottle over.

Dramatic music played as the host attempted to open the bottle. However, he struggled with it for several moments before finally getting on the mic.

“I’m sorry, this has never happened before,” he said regarding his struggles to move the game along.

“Would you like me to help?” Jonathan asked as the contestant and audience laughed.

lets make a deal host wayne brady and announcer jonathan mangum during champagne bottle moment
Let’s Make a Deal’s Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum struggled to open a bottle. Pic credit: CBS

“Yeah, can you hold the top while I grab the bottom?” Wayne asked as everyone continued to laugh.

The struggle continued, though, as the bottle still wouldn’t open to reveal if Lindsay won money.

Wayne laughed as he announced, “I’ve got too much cocoa butter on my hands!”

The host handed the bottle over to Jonathan, who finally opened it. Green confetti sprayed out as it popped, and the audience went wild.

“$5,000 Lindsay! You’ve been redeemed!” Wayne shouted as she celebrated the win.

It was definitely a redeeming moment for the two contestants as they didn’t leave empty-handed or with Zonks this time.

The hilarious moment also revealed that Let’s Make a Deal wouldn’t be possible with just Wayne, as sometimes he needs a little help from his friends, Tiffany and Jonathan!

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